Take a stitch Tuesday 77 Woven Cross Stitch

I have another fun stitch this week which I have discovered it is quite addictive. It is also one of those stitches that looks a bit ho hum but then when you work it you realise how much potential it has. This stitch also looks fantastic with a bead in the middle and can be worked in two different colour threads or even ribbon!

The stitch is also known as cross stitch flower. It can be used as a flower motif worked in a pattern alone a vine like line or used in geometric arrangements to create interesting patterns and fills.

How to work Woven cross or Cross stitch Flower

Woven cross stitch step 1Woven cross stitch is two crossed stitches worked on top of each other with the uppermost cross woven to the bottom cross.

It sounds complicated but it not!

Start as you would if you were working a regular cross stitch.
Woven cross stitch step 3Next make a third diagonal straight stitch in the same direction as the first stitch you made.
Woven cross stitch step 2Bring your thread out to make the fourth straight stitch but instead of simply moving across and taking your needle down through the fabric, weave the needle through the two bars. Take the needle through and to the back of the fabric as illustrated.

Woven cross stitch step 4That’s it! A simple, quick and very effective stitch. Particularly if you experiment with the thread you use.

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How to join in

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9 Responses to Take a stitch Tuesday 77 Woven Cross Stitch

  1. margaret says:

    this one looks good, caught up on the last 14 stitches last week but could not get my head around 69 the buttonholed double chain stitch. See you met up with my boys Peter and Wayne at the show Sharon, hope to see them when they come to the UK next may

  2. Annet says:

    This stitch is not new to me, but I only stitched it with 2 different threads on my last TAST 2010 sampler (in the bottom left corner):
    This time I’m going to experiment with it!

    Today I wrote about my Vandyke stitch sampler:

  3. Angela says:

    This is a good stitch. YOu are right it is simple and I will definitely use it again.

  4. Michelle says:

    I just started the challenge with stitch #1!! :)

  5. Hi Sharon,
    This is a lovely stitch. I am working on this stitch sampler.
    Thank you,