Beaded Lock stitch Tutorial

Beaded Lock stitch step sampleBeaded Lock stitch is a  variation on double lock stitch. It is a very quick and easy to work beaded embroidery stitch, that looks good as a border or worked row upon row for a filling stitch.

You need to be familiar with lock stitch to work this variety.

The samples are worked in straight line but this stitch will hold a curve if you adjust the angle the foundation stitches in a ray or fan like manner.

Note: With this stitch the beading is done during the lacing process using a size 26 tapestry needle as you can thread cotton perle #8 and #5 through the eye of this needle yet it is thin enough to thread a bead and add it  to your stitching.

How to work Beaded Lock Stitch

Beaded Lock stitch step 1Work a row of straight stitches of equal length.

The lacing is worked from right to left. Bring your thread out on the right side of the first straight stitch.
Pass the thread the needle under the first stitch from the left with the tip pointing right (as illustrated).Pull the needle under the straight stitch.

Add a bead to your working thread.

Beaded Lock stitch step 2

Move to the next straight stitch and pass the needle under from the left with the tip pointing towards the right. Pull the thread through. This will lace together the first two foundation stitches with a bead in the middle. Note that you are lacing the stitches and not going through the fabric.

Continue in this manner along the line of foundation stitches. At the end of the line take your thread to the back of your work.

Beaded Lock stitch step 3Turn your work.

Beaded Lock stitch step 4Work a second line of laced stitches adding beads in between every second foundation stitch as illustrated.

On this top line you can offset the beads to create a stepped pattern or you can align the beads to form a vertical ridge.

Beaded Lock stitch step 5Both worked row upon row create a highly decorative and quick filling stitch.

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12 Responses to Beaded Lock stitch Tutorial

  1. queeniepatch says:

    I got inspiration from others’ beautiful designs, then used your templates to draw some hearts and curves, and played around. Great fun!

  2. Linda Calverley says:

    I like doing this stitch, here’s my sample.

  3. The Green Heron says:

    The Beaded Lock Stitch is one good lookin’ and inspiring piece of embroidery. Thank you.

  4. Angela says:

    I do like the Beaded Lock stitch! I appreciate how you teach us the new stitches in a progression. It helps to really sink it into my brain!

  5. Annet says:

    I enjoyed experimenting with this variation and the normal double lock stitch:

  6. Renee says:

    I look forward to this stitch! Your examples are lovely!

    This week, I shared #129 – Lock Stitch. It was fun and I look forward to playing with it more in the future. I certainly enjoyed seeing the variety of ways others used it. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Anneliese says:

    Oh, lovely – can’t wait to do it.

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