How to Embroider Beaded Back Stitch

Back stitch beaded is a line of back stitch that is simple and quick to work as you add a bead to every second stitch. It makes sense that you need to know how to work regular back stitch before embarking on the beaded variety. You can find instructions on how to work Back stitch here on Pintangle.

The trick with hand embroidered beaded stitches is to use a #26 tapestry needle. This size needle is fine enough to thread a bead, yet the eye is wide enough to take a perle # 8 thread. This means you can embroider and add beads easily as you work.

How to embroider beaded back stitch

In Beaded Back Stitch every second stitch beaded.

Step by step beaded back stitch tutorial 1 Bring the thread up from the back of the fabric on the line that you want to embroider. Make a small backward stitch through the fabric as you would regular back stitch. Bring the needle through the fabric a little in front of the first stitch but still on the line.

Step by step beaded back stitch tutorial 2Thread a bead and make the second stitch by inserting the needle down into the hole made by the first stitch.

Step by step beaded back stitch tutorial 3Take a bite of the fabric, bringing the needle out a little in front of the second stitch as illustrated. Pull your thread through.

Step by step beaded back stitch tutorial 4Make the next stitch a regular back stitch. When you bring your needle through the fabric thread another bead on. Repeat this pattern of beaded stitch , un-beaded stitch, beaded stitch, un-beaded stitch along the line.

Step by step beaded back stitch tutorial 5The finished line is very decorative. Beaded Back stitch  makes a good edging stitch for items such as needle cases or pin cushions. Of course it is ideal for contemporary crazy quilting too!

Step by step beaded back stitch tutorial 6As I have said this example of Beaded Back Stitch is where every second stitch beaded but the pattern of one back stitch and one beaded back stitch can be changed to create interesting patterns and designs. For example you could have two back stitches and one bead or 3 back stitches and 1 bead or 2 beads and back stitch I am sure you get the idea. Patterns can be worked line upon line – such as in pattern darning, to create many interesting beaded embroidery variations.

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  1. Janie says:

    That’s a great look, the beaded back stitch. Thanks for reminding me, excellent tutorial too.

  2. Allie Aller says:

    Nice! Even though I’m not stitching much these days, it is great to see these ideas and load them on my “hard drive”. Thanks, Sharon. 😉

  3. Jan says:

    thank you for this stitch. i will try this on my crazy patchwork. i am looking forward to your book.

  4. will use in my TAST excercises.

  5. Rhonda Gibson says:

    I got my templates In the mail today. So excited to try them out.

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