How to embroider Diagonal Satin Stitch

How to embroider Diagonal Satin Stitch

Diagonal Satin stitch is a type of satin stitch that is worked at an angle. You can work this stitch angle right or angled left particularly if you want to take advantage of the sheen or your thread. Often changing angles of this stitch will make a thread shine which means you can work some areas angled in one direction and then other areas angles in another. It is a simple but effective technique.

As with regular Satin stitch tension can be a problem. If your stitches too slack they will sag or they are too tight your stitches will pucker the fabric. You can solve this by using an embroidery hoop.

How to embroider Diagonal Satin Stitch

step by step how to work diagonal satin stitch1To work the stitch bring the thread up through the fabric and make an angled diagonal single stitch. Bring the needle out very close to the stitch just made.

step by step how to work diagonal satin stitch 2Continue to fill the shape.

step by step how to work diagonal satin stitch 3Stitches should lie evenly and closely together. You need to have them covering the fabric but not work on top of each other.

Satin Stitch sample 8You can easily learn and practice Diagonal Satin stitch on even weave fabrics. You can build up patterns using simple stitches. This is an example of diagonal satin stitch worked in a hand space dyed wool and rayon ribbon floss.

Visit the Satin stitch page to give you more ideas on how to use this stitch in your projects. Diagonal Satin Stitch is also known as Slanted Satin stitch.

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