Crazy Quilt Quarterly Spring Issue is out

The Crazy Quilt Quarterly Spring Issue coverThe Crazy Quilt Quarterly Spring Issue is out so it’s time to curl up with a cuppa and indulge in a bit of eye candy and reading. Birds and birdlife is the theme for this issue with the cover artist being Allison Aller. As a quilter, teacher and author Allison Aller is well known and active in the CQ community. Allison Aller had a great knack of bringing modern techniques to contemporary crazy quilting.

The cover features a robbin sitting on a nest. Inside Allison Aller has generously described in text and photos how she made it covering what quilting traditions and techniques she  drew upon to create the bird and its environment.

Inspiration, tutorials and tips are throughout the magazine. Linda Hopkins has shared information on printing on silk. A Bead and Feather Butterfly project by Nina Burnsides looks fun to do and Linda Hopkins shares her process to create a Beaded Bird. For something different and crazy quilting with a modern twist Kathleen Klein shares how she made a steampunk peacock.

For a great piece of contemporary crazy quilting Angela Blackledge has shared an inspirational piece with her Heart Art Quilt. Pam Peugh shares another inspirational 12 block crazy quilt “ Bird Crazy” which was made as a round robbin project. There are some delightful birds on these blocks and I enjoyed ogling them.

Brenda Sandusky shows us how she tackled her Crazy Quilt Journal project of 2015 in Proud as a Peacock. Betty Pillsbury has shared images of her embroidered birds

Kathy Shaw has provided a free pattern and illustrated how it can be realised using different techniques. Throughout the magazine Pamela Kellog has sprinkled cross stitch designs that with the aid of waste canvas you can use in your crazy quilting. There are also vintage embroidery patterns with a bird theme.

The Crazy Quilt Quarterly Spring 2017 is a Magcloud publication and you can get it here. As a printed version which retails for 14.95 US and a digital version for $6.95.

I am not compensated for this review but I do have a professional relationship as I accept advertising for Crazy Quilt Quarterly in my side bar. In other words I get no kick back for this review.

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Stitch Dictionary now online

Just a quick heads up to let people know that I have been busy behind the scenes moving updating and revamping the stitch dictionary. If you look along the top tabs on the site you will see a new one which will take you to an alphabetical listing of all the stitch tutorials I have here.

Regular readers might remember that I said I was going to move it here. The old stitch dictionary will be retired soon. It has taken some time and I still have some stitches to add which over the next few months will be published here on pintangle. As a stitch spotter I have collected many stitches and their varieties so I plan to build the dictionary into an online resource.

Take a look at the new stitch dictionary. Stitches are listed alphabetically and if they are known by more than one name I have cross indexed them. Hopefully people will find it useful so spread the word, share, link or tap into what ever groups and social networks you are part of.

Oh and if you spot errors such as links that don’t go to the right place etc let me know as its easy to make mistakes.

Delightful hand embroidery patterns that are free

delightful hand embroidery patternsThe Antique pattern Library  have published some delightful hand embroidery patterns that are free to use. You will find them listed as E-CL016 Iron-on transfer patterns or simply follow the link

This set of vintage  iron-on patterns would be suitable for beginners as most can be worked in stitches such as chain stitch, detached chain and stems stitch. If you are new hand to embroidery here is 12 Surface Stitches for Beginners a PDF file I wrote a while back. These stitches can be applied to these types of patterns. Also check out the first few weeks of TAST for basic stitches and more descriptive tutorials and vintage pattern collectors alike.

These  delightful hand embroidery patterns are meant to be used for small items such as pin cushions, doilies, tray cloths, guest towels and the like. There are also a few letters included in the collection. Crazy quilters will find them useful to use in the middle of patches and I can see them interpreted using silk ribbon embroidery or adapted to beading.

delightful hand embroidery patterns 2These images are a couple of examples from this set of free patterns. They are free, no sign up is required but the Antique Pattern Library are sticklers for you having the latest version of Adobe reader for security reasons. If when you try to open or download a pdf file you receive a message asking for a password you need to upgrade your version of acrobat reader as no passwords are required. If you have problems go to their FAQ page.