Delightful hand embroidery patterns that are free

Delightful hand embroidery patterns that are free

delightful hand embroidery patternsThe Antique pattern Library  have published some delightful hand embroidery patterns that are free to use. You will find them listed as E-CL016 Iron-on transfer patterns or simply follow the link

This set of vintage  iron-on patterns would be suitable for beginners as most can be worked in stitches such as chain stitch, detached chain and stems stitch. If you are new hand to embroidery here is 12 Surface Stitches for Beginners a PDF file I wrote a while back. These stitches can be applied to these types of patterns. Also check out the first few weeks of TAST for basic stitches and more descriptive tutorials and vintage pattern collectors alike.

These  delightful hand embroidery patterns are meant to be used for small items such as pin cushions, doilies, tray cloths, guest towels and the like. There are also a few letters included in the collection. Crazy quilters will find them useful to use in the middle of patches and I can see them interpreted using silk ribbon embroidery or adapted to beading.

delightful hand embroidery patterns 2These images are a couple of examples from this set of free patterns. They are free, no sign up is required but the Antique Pattern Library are sticklers for you having the latest version of Adobe reader for security reasons. If when you try to open or download a pdf file you receive a message asking for a password you need to upgrade your version of acrobat reader as no passwords are required. If you have problems go to their FAQ page.


  1. Ok i am going to have to go through my stuff and share some. Somewhere i have some frim the 1800s theough 1920. I am on the road now, but this might be the place for future postings. What format is best for sending. I am computer savvy so let me know.

    Catherine Hall
  2. Sharon, I have a question. Have you ever transferred a pattern to needlepoint canvas? Painted canvases are wonderful but so expensive and also, I like doing my own thing but am not an artist. I thought I would ask you before making a mess. Thanks, Charlotte

    Charlotte Wells
    1. Hi Charlotte – yes I have if a pattern needs to outlined only I use an artist pitt pen they are not expensive but find them in an art supplies if it needs colour I have used acrylic paints but this would be expensive if you did not already own them. Dont use much just dab it on slightly with a stiff brush. usually however just outlining is enough

  3. Dear Sharon,
    Thank-you for all the information you are sharing with us this week and every week really. I really appreciate it. I have never been that good with hand embroidery but continue to persevere nevertheless and your tutorials and links are so very inspiring. The antique patterns take me back to my mother and grandmothers I think I even have a tablecloth or two with similar designs worked on them. Psst… love your new photo.

    Marilyn Larkin
    1. Thanks Marilyn I figured I had had a few birthdays since the last one was taken (2008 I think) and since I have turned 60 I got Jerry to take another photo yesterday

  4. The patterns are not iron-on when printed from the website but Jenny of Sublime Stitching has a transfer pen that works really well and comes in several colors. The pen is very precise and the transfer will work several times. I print the design and then draw over it on the back with the transfer pen. This flips the design so that it is correctly oriented. Sharon, thanks for a wonderful website!

    Charlotte Wells

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