Pop up books

Pop up books

I am a big kid when it comes to Pop up books. The contradiction of the 3-dimensional non bookish surprise hiding in the book has always attracted me since I was a child. So discoving this site Pop-up and Movable Books: A Tour Through Their History which illustrates this format sent me on a hunt for information about pop-up online.

I have been trying to pin point why I like them so much. I am sure it is the visual and the restructuring of information into a non linear interactive format that fascinates me. I did not realize that the first movable books actually predate print culture. It appears that the drive towards interacting with the storage of information in other words reshuffling ideas and information into a non linear manner has a long history.

If this site enthuses you, John Irvine has published online directions on how to make pop up books. on Mark Hiner’s website about paper engineering and pop-ups also has a history of pop up books. The site also houses a very interesting section on pop up book production and information on how to make your own.

For inspiration and directions on simple pop ups to make take a look at the work of Robert Sabuda and don’t miss The Pop up World of Ann Montanaro

Origamic Architecture is another must see site as this form of papercraft is also known as origami architecture. It is a form which combines the careful paper folding and detailed cutting. While I am dishing out links for breakfast also swing by Popup Lady for articles and features on movable books.

Now I am wondering how this format might apply to working in a visual journal. Usually of course the imagery in visual journals is 2D. Since, for me at least, the aim of using a visual journal is to help develop ideas I am thinking about how pop-up work might inform and shape ideas and ultimately the work?

Too serious a question for Saturday morning? Sorry, I woke up in one of those reflective moods and it beats thinking about the weekend jobs such as housework, shopping and weeding! I am also trying to avoid digging around, finding some old jeans and making a bag (see yesterdays post).


  1. Your jeans purse is fabulous! Between you and Chloe I’m thinkin’ I’m going to have to dig out some jeans to try this. Quick question: How did you finish the bottom? Turn it inside out and stitch? Stitched on the outside to let it fray?

  2. Linda – I am wondering if any of the fashion collections are collecting – thanks for the link

    mrspilkington I am glad someone else can see the idea too as sometimes things pop into my head and I wonder if anyone else can see it too.

  3. thanks for these great links… i recently took some beginning pop-up and bookbinding workshops; i’ve been wondering about mark hiner’s book, and have been fiddling with the idea of something similar to a creative journal with pop-ups as well.
    i think those are perfect musingsfor a saturday morning (friday night in new york)!

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