Bags of fun challenge

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Bags of fun challenge

We have more bag ladies wanting to join in. So I am welcoming Belle from Northern NSW and Carole Kokinis from the UK.

I didn’t realise yesterday when I listed everyone that Jacqui Mulcahy in the UK keeps all stitched up. So I am waving to everyone in the bags of fun challenge .

Jerry has not actually said anything about the fact that I stole his old jeans but he left a comment here and wrote about it in his blog We do actually talk to one another folks – its just a bit of fun to tease each other. Meanwhile I have been stitching up a storm and will post an image tomorrow.

Becky of Crochet and embroidery has posted an image of her blank canvas. Reading Allison Aller’s works in progress blog I realise Allison is well away on her bag. Maureen of Tangledthreads has also started to embellish her bag.

Marianne from Estonia is using scrumbles or freeform crochet patches on her bag which is being made from a cut down set of overalls. Go and check out Heegeldab she has kindly posted in English which is so nice of her.

There is images and conversation going on at the Bags of fun flickr group too. I am quite tickled as to how people have joined in on this.

A bit more news on the personal front as I am off to the craft and quilt fair today with Annie. I am looking forward to seeing the Canberra Quilters annual members’ exhibition and the Art & Surface Design Association display. Of course there is the retailers and you wouldn’t believe it there is a workshop on making bags! I don’t think I will take it, but bags do seem to be following me everywhere me right now.


  1. Sharon, I’m so much going to enjoy seeing everyone’s project. Sure wish I could join in but have too much on my list already. What a great idea! Maybe someone will come up with a challenge for after the holidays when I have more free time. Hint, hint!!


  2. When I saw you start this project a few days ago I thought, “Oh how fun! My class (I’m an elementary teacher) would love this so much!” Admittedly we don’t start school until September but I was wondering: if they are interested, is there anyway we could join in too? It’s really Ok to say no. Thought I would ask though 🙂 Excitement is catching!


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