Dover samples

Dover samples

I recently accepted Dover’s invitation to receive a free weekly sampler and it has become one of my Saturday morning pleasures as their weekly email of offerings has rolled into my inbox. I have been on their list for 3 months or so and not a week has gone passed when there has not been something of interest. This week some William Morris designs and some Indian Paisley patterns delighted me.

Many people feel unable to draw and this means they use either commercially produced designs or adapt other people’s drawings. This can lead to copyright infringements but there is an answer which is to haunt the clip and stock art sites. Some of this material is free, others such Dover offer artwork for a fee that you can use for various purposes. Much of this type of material can be adapted and used in needlework or in crazy quilting projects.


  1. Dover books are awesome–i have quite a few on quite a few subjects:D Ya never know where the creative mind will loop into something and twist it to its own devious design! And doncha just love the free “samples”–opens up fields of exploration you might not necessarily have thought of.

  2. I’ve used Dover art for a while now. I love their old label designs. I use them in my paper art. It’s nice to find copywright free artwork! They have tons of it. Our public library also has the clip art books with the CD in the back that you can download onto your computer! What a deal!


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