A Museum of Colour

A Museum of Colour

The Society of Dyers and Colourists hosts a virtual Museum of Colour. This is a great resource site as it primarily relates to textiles and textile industry, housing online interactive projects that demonstrate aspects of how we see colour such as colour illusions and after images, colour blindness, and how rainbows are created.

Information on dyeing textiles is also published on the site. Both synthetic and natural dyes are covered and information about fastness tests. The site also houses a glossary of terms that relate to dyes and dyeing.

You will also find information about the history of dyeing including and article on Turkey Red . The colouriser explores how colour has been used in the past and how it is used today in therapy.

There is oodles more to explore on this site such as designers who felt colour was extremely important such as William Morris . There is information on fashion and colour and if you are doing any interior decorating the section on colour in the home .

Set aside at least an hour or two to explore the site as there is loads of content to read, play with, and explore. Have fun!


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