Bags of fun challenge update

Bags of fun challenge update

Debra Spincic is a quilter who has just signed up for the bags of fun challenge . Debra’s blog is Design Studio . She already has her jeans and some ideas about what she is going to do with them. In her comment she suggested a button which is a good idea which I had thought of but immediately forgot in a busy week. I will get on to it and design one. Then if anyone wants to display a button on their site that links back to the challenge page they can.

Beche-la-mer of Two Cents has painted her jeans in layers of colour from white at the waistband to deep sea green. I can’t wait to see what she does with them.

Over on the Bags of fun flickr group Laura Lea has posted a photo of her bag which has been treated with appliqué and patching galore. There is discussion growing naturally over there on making up the bags, needles to use etc. which gives me a thrill to see.

I have noticed that some people are interpreting this challenge in the style of the 70s which is fun but if anyone is thinking ‘that’s not my thing’ you can still join in. It’s a case of anything goes. It does not have to be in any period style such as limited to a 70’s look nor is it limited to any one technique. The bag that you make from recycled jeans just has to be embellished by November 8th this year.


  1. Hi sharon,
    My name is Linda and I have been hovering over your site for several months now. You are quite the inspiration ..grin I have lurked around enjoying your site every day and never once thought I would ever get involved.. But I would love to join in the bags of fun challenge. I even started my own blog because of this…lol I haven’t started yet on my bag, but will begin tomorrow.. Thanks.. Linda

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