Bags of fun challenge update

Bags of fun challenge update

Emmy Schoonbeek has posted a fantastic start to her bag over on the Bags of fun flickr group

Linda S has joined the bags of fun challenge and started a blog Mish Mash etc . So we now have two Lindas! Welcome to the challenge and blogging. Linda confessed she had been lurking for months reading here. I am delighted to put a name to another reader.

As the author of this site I am always pleased to hear from people. Last year I wrote a piece on imaginary friends. Its my take on life online some readers might find it amusing to read it.

I didn’t get the button done yesterday or much stitching because I was preparing some material for my class today. This morning I will be talking about website promotion and blog promotion. (I know you wouldn’t guess it looking at my site sometimes but I teach web design) There is a long post over on Mindtracks which many people might find of interest. It is aimed at my students and really notes on some of the things I will cover in a presentation but there are loads of links to useful resources for any textile practitioner who is interested in promoting their work online.

I have to dash and go earn a living. Monday mornings why are they always a little disorganised?

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