Textile Directory

Textile Directory

I found the Textile Directory incredibly slow to load (and I am on broadband) but once there it provides information and explains for the laymen the characteristics and uses of natural and manmade fibres. This is a reference site and worth adding to your favourites I ended up printing out half of it so I had the information to hand.

Added correction: people have let me know that they did not have the same problem with download times so I have corrected this.


  1. lots of good information, especially as I’m not an experienced knitter – thanks. As for broadband – no problem loading. I’ve been experiencing seriously slow times on the web 11-1pm and 5-7pm PDT which may account for the slow load.

  2. I clicked the link and it loaded immediately to the Internet Centre for Canadian Fashion and Design. Is this where I was supposed to end up? There was lots of fiber dictionary type definitions and source information.


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