Conservation Centre, Liverpool

Conservation Centre, Liverpool

The Conservation Centre is an award winning site which is dedicated to the preservation of precious items, including textiles. It is on my ‘to do’ list the on my next visit to the UK as it opens its doors to the public with tours behind the scenes, revealing the techniques used in conservation.

The site houses interactives, puzzles and quiz trails for children. A section on the restoration of the Peter Pan statue had me browsing for ages as a replica of this statue is in Perth, Western Australia. Many happy childhood moments are associated with searching the the animals that reside at peter pan’s feet. The site asks the people of Liverpool if they remember the Peter Pan statue and to share their memories. I love it when the net is used like this, particularly when memories are evoked because of an object.

That little side track aside, and to return to textile related topics one of the items on the site that I found interesting was an article on the conservation of an Inuit Woman’s Winter Costume

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