Idea generation methods

Idea generation methods

Anyone who has ever done any sort of creative activity has had times when their mind just goes blank – nothing comes or worse what does develop is like thick peanut butter on the kitchen bench. A globby mess! This is when it is handy to have a few tricks in your back pocket to trick your mind into thinking in different ways.

Creative problem solving and creativity is one of those subject areas that never fails to interest me. Martin Leith has researched, explained and collated together every method to generate ideas he has encountered. Each method is at least described. Some have full instructions on applying the method to generate ideas.

Many of these methods can be applied by textile practitioners and as I read them I thought about how many of them could be shaped to make interesting visual journal exercises.

Hay! I think I have just thought of a workshop without thinking about it.

Runs away … screaming “No No I have enough to do!”

A little haunting voice replies “but it would make an interesting series of posts”…

Still running bounces of the kitchen door as I had not noticed in my hurry that it was closed.

Says to self “Go away why do you think like this? Where do you get such ideas”…

Little voice replies “but it would be more than interesting – I might learn something – its not so hard just illustrate methods in your visual journal keep it simple”

Running faster “No! I am heading for the shower it’s time for work!”


  1. Beche – I have just checked out that site it looks great – now I am trying to think of words to answer his challenge through this thick fog of a brain. I am chewing over the visual journal excercises but even with the aid of your fairy god mother I don’t really have time this side of Christmas to pull ideas together and present them so I am trying not to take it on until next year at least!

  2. I’m currently doing an online writing course, set by the Phantom Professor (http://phantomprof.blogspot.com/) and I could see this working as a similar online “visual journal” course — just join in when you can, participate at your own pace. I would love to do it.

    It would just need someone to set the exercises. I hereby wish you 48 hours in every day so that you could do it… now, where did I last see my fairy godmother?

  3. I did like the ‘Bunch of Bananas’approach… LOL sharonb – I already do that in my day to day life – but I think my family think I am on a fast track, downhill slide towards the black void…

    Seriously though, some good ideas there and well worth a read and of course some VERY CLEVER person seeing their potential in another form – like visual journal exercises…

    I have tried the mind mapping,treasure mapping,role play and changing the setting activities in other areas and places in my life and they do work… Especially good in a face to face group environment – however I can see the merit in what you are thinking too…


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