All that Jazz Hurricane Quilt News

All that Jazz Hurricane Quilt News

No doubt some people will be wondering who the 19th invitee is for the All that Jazz Katrina the Hurricane Survivor Quilt project. I am pleased to announce that Marie Alton is a well known silk ribbon embroiderer as she is inventor of the Alton loop and designer of the Melanie Rose is the 19th invited participant to accept and make a block in the crazy quilting style.

Anybody can join in on this project and we welcome stitchers of all levels. All the information about it is here . Blocks are due to me by December 8th so voting for the most popular block can take place. There is also a flickr group for everybody to join in on if they choose. So please spread the word on discussion lists, blogs and any way you can but do join in!

Of course this morning my addled thoughts (as I still have this cold) are with the people in Texas and Louisiana facing Hurricane Rita. I have been tracking the news Wall Street Journal’s Storm News Tracker. I have also been reading this blog.

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