Everybody is welcome as all blocks for All that Jazz will be made into quilts

Everybody is welcome as all blocks for All that Jazz will be made into quilts

Brenda asked a good question about the All that Jazz Quilts project, which I thought I had covered but obviously not clearly enough. Brenda asked what I am doing with the blocks that are left over. There will be no left over blocks at all as they ALL BEING MADE INTO QUILTS with the help of a team from our local crazy quilting group Canberra Crazies. So every block will find its way inot a quilt to be auctioned off and help to raise money for the relief and rebuilding efforts. Every block will also be published in the gallery and links to homepages, flickr sites etc will be included.

This is a project that everyone can join in and play and along the way do something worthwhile. For those who want to join in there is a flickr group to post images to and chat. Blocks are due to me on December 8. Everybody is welcome to join in, the more the merrier, and the guidelines are here.

I had wondered why the take up of this has been slow so thanks Brenda for pointing out that I had not been clear enough about this. Basically to put it as clearly as I can again – all blocks will be made into quilts and everyone can join in. This head cold of mine has developed beautifully into a flu and shifted to my chest so I have been particularly dense in the last week or so. Please forgive the lack lustre energy levels. Also this morning Jerry flies out to London so it’s a bit crazy around here today.


  1. Sharon,
    I have been slow to take this up since I am very inexperienced in crazy quilting and very rusty with embroidery.. But would love to try it. Are you looking for silks, cottons, velvets, what?? fabrics??

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