Nancy Eha has lost her Katrina Block

Nancy Eha has lost her Katrina Block

I received a rather distressing email from Nancy Eha this morning. As regular readers know she is a well known beader, embellished quilter and instructor who has been asked to participate in the All that Jazz quilt, which is to be auctioned on eBay to provide relief funds to survivors of Katrina. After over 40 hours of work on construction and beading while travelling it fell out of her bag either at the Atlanta airport, on a Delta flight, or at the Daytona Beach airport on Wednesday October 5th. Nancy describes it as “About 12″ by 14″ and has a beaded Mardi Gras mask on the gold satin centerpiece, and wide antique black lace symbolizing wrought iron work over one seam.” Nancy has reported it to lost quilts and has sent out emails to all discussion lists she is on. If you can spread the word, on the off chance that some one may find it. It is a an unfinished block, and does not have a label on it with my name on it. Her contact information is on her site. This is incredibly distressing news.

For people who have not heard about this project everyone can help the All that Jazz Quilts as all blocks are being made into quilts to be auctioned off to raise money for the relief and rebuilding efforts. Every block will also be published in the gallery and links to homepages, flickr sites etc will be included. For those who want to join in there is a flickr group to post images to and chat. Blocks are due to me on December 8.


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