More Photoshop brushes

More Photoshop brushes

The last few evenings have been spent poking about the net looking at various Photoshop brushes mainly because I have been designing my own. I found some more great Photoshop brushes online and thought I may as well share the links. Most people require a link back to their site if you use them and some have restrictions on commercial usage so check out the terms of use in case. The first lot are over at Artic.com then these at arty.dk

Scully on the deviant art site has shared a huge number of Photoshop brushes. Some based on henna designs, others on old letters and yet others based on damaged film. Browse scully7491’s Gallery to see them all. I particularly liked the brush based on scanned images of ancient maps and another set based on close ups details of bark on trees.

Amoung the brushes on offer at the 500ml site there are brushes with a 1930’s fashion theme, vintage cameras, and an Art Nouveau theme.

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