Photoshop brushes from Opera Floozy

Photoshop brushes from Opera Floozy

This is really a resource for those who own Photoshop. Kelly Gammons of opera floozy has designed and offered free some fantastic Photoshop brushes which you can download, unzip and drop the .abr file in the …/presets/brushes folder of in your Adobe directory.

Only your imagination can limit you. Brushes can be used like a stamp and stamp pad. With a click of the mouse you have a little mark that can be used to draw with or used as a watermark or as an icon. Of course you can incorporate print outs in your visual journal, make your own greeting cards and gift tags or include them in collage. Also digital images can be printed or transferred to fabric.

If you have photoshop and have never made a brush of your own here is a tutorial on how to make and install Photoshop brushes published by Stephanie Shimerdla of Obsidian Dawn. While on the site check out the free brushes there too.


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