Katrina blocks and other fundraising ideas

Katrina blocks and other fundraising ideas

With December 8th looming I received a couple of more blocks in the mail yesterday. I will have these online as soon as possible hopefully tomorrow morning.

On my post that announced the gallery for this project a comment was left by Julia White suggesting a poster be produced and another comment was left by a second Julia (that’s right two Julia’s thinking along the same lines) that a Calendar be produced from these blocks to raise funds. Its such a good idea that I have been stewing over it slowly and steadily since the comments were left. I think it would be a great fundraiser and have been stewing away on it for a couple of days.

As I have been going about my daily doings the brain has been running around at 100 miles an hour. Unfortunately to get something like this printed and distributed in time for the new year is not really an option. Firstly timing is a problem but the big one for me is that something like this would require someone to back it financially – a printer would want cold hard cash and I simply don’t have the financial resources to do it. If there is anyone out there in the community that can or could please drop me an email. Anybody have any ideas about a print product that could be produced from the images drop me a line. This is also assumes all the people who have donated blocks are happy to release their copyright for such a purpose. Of course if I embarked upon something like this I would seek permission of each person involved to do so.

I may have found the answer however, I was wondering has anyone had anything to do with cafépress or similar schemes to raise money for charity. They produce things like postcards, journals and posters which I thought might sell. I am just floating the idea at the moment and would love feedback from people. The profit would go to aid survivors of Katrina.

If you have not checked out the gallery associated with this project it is All that Jazz gallery is here. Let me know what people think.


  1. Coffee mugs would be fast, easy and non-time-sensitive…call them Katrina Quilt Cups or Katrina Cups? Just a thought!

    It’s really wonderful, Sharon, the time and the energy that you and all those are putting into this project. Although we live near Dallas, my husband’s family is largely from Houston, so we have had a lot of Hurricane Rita damage to help clean up. Your efforts are an inspiration — thank you so much!!

    Sarah E.
  2. Sharon, as you mentioned the thought I had about a calendar.
    Just a another thought, What about maybe a calendar that starts in June 2006 till June the next year.
    That may be more doable, and would give that extra 6 months into the new year that other calendars don’t have.

    Julia C
  3. http://www.loosetooth.com created a cookbook and sells it on CafePress to raise money for a local food pantry.

    There is also http://www.lulupress.com which is similar but only makes books. There are more options regarding paper type, binding, etc. and the printing is much higher quality. I don’t know if they do calendars or posters but if something more booklike would work you might consider them instead since the price is less. You could sell for the same $ and raise more in funds. But CafePress is pretty reputable and it would save you all the hassles and costs that you mention.

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