Warning extreme eye candy ahead

Warning extreme eye candy ahead

The big news this morning is that the gallery for the All that Jazz Gallery is now online with the first of some extremely beautiful blocks I have received being published. The index page to the project is divided in two, with an invitees section, and further down the competitors blocks.

From now on I will be adding images as I receive the crazy quilt blocks in the post. In other words, although people have emailed me about other blocks that are on their way, when I have the block in my hot little hands will I put them online.

The gallery will remain up after the quilts are made and will effectively document the quilt and form an archive of the project. I hope this will mean that a future buyer will find the quilt more desirable, as not only will these blocks make a truly wonderful crazy quilt but the quilts will have an interesting history.

Also in future anyone coming new to crazy quilting will be able to browse a good number of contemporary crazy quilt blocks which use a variety of different contemporary techniques made from people who come from all over the globe.

In case people have not encountered my chatter about this project before. All that Jazz is a fundraiser for survivors of the Katrina hurricane disaster. The aim is produce a crazy quilt or quilts to be auctioned in March on the six month anniversary of the disaster. They will be sold on Ebay in the United States with the money going to American Red Cross.

19 well known crazy quilters have been asked to work an 8 inch block. The 20th block will be a winner’s block selected by popular vote. The date blocks are due to me is December 8th 2005. After this there will be voting period of two weeks. The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

Other quilts or wall hangings will be assembled from the remaining blocks and also auctioned in March. So all blocks will raise money for the cause.


  1. Beautiful work on display..
    This is going to be an awesome quilt.
    Julia W idea of a poster is great, or even a calendar or two for all the lovely blocks, like the Bra calendar in the states.

    Julia C
  2. Sharon these blocks are amazing. I would love to have this quilt but I must admit I am hoping it raises more money than my budget would allow. Have you considered having a poster made of this quilt when it is done to raise additional funds. I must admit I would like one if I can’t buy the origional. To all the artists that made the blocks thank you for sharing the journey and these blocks.

    Julia White

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