More on Katrina Blocks and an interesting old crazy quilt

More on Katrina Blocks and an interesting old crazy quilt

Boy am I running late this morning, but I have been putting the Katrina blocks that arrived in yesterdays post online. So there is more eye candy today in the All that Jazz Gallery. Do take a look as voting will start on the 8th. I have had a good few emails informing me that a block is on its way so there is still more to arrive.

I have had some good questions about the class I will be offering at joggles.com (The the details are here .)
The first is “Will there be any opportunity for feedback from you on the student’s work at the end of the 6 weeks, as part of the course offering?” Put simply yes you will have plenty of feed back via the forums. I will be loging in every day to answer questions and give feedback on what people have done. So there is plenty of room for ongoing feedback and comment.

The second question is “how much time (minimum) do you recommend a student commit each week to get the most out of each lesson?” It depends on your skill level and enthusiasm. With this style of work people can do more or less as they choose it’s really up to individual students. Probably it you would need at least a two to three hours stitching time a week.

On another note Allison Aller posted an image of a very interesting Victorian UFO (UnFinnished Object). It is a crazy quilt started on blocks then the person who was making it changed her mind and shifted to a freeform style of patching. Take a look it’s fascinating.

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  1. i just wanted to pop in and let you know what an amazing and prolific woman you are. i love much of the same arts that you do and do as much as i possibly can, i started spinning yarns and doing fiber art full time. my site is not ready yet, but it links to my blog, and i have lots of photos on my flickr account on the blog. so feel free to pop by and see me.

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