Katrina quilt and online classes

Katrina quilt and online classes

I have had some more questions about the quilting class I will be offering in February. One of them was why I offered them via joggles.com. Basically what Joggles does for me as a teacher is to take care of all the technical stuff behind the scenes such as running the forum, dealing with issues like lost pass words, secure money transactions and the like. This means I am free to just teach and not have to deal with technical matters, which can just eat in your time horribly. I am constantly amazed at how one little technical glitch can steal a morning from you. Because Joggles takes care of this it means I will be able to be on forum doing what I am supposed to be doing which is teaching crazy quilting.

The other question I was asked was why not offer the class in Australia. To my knowledge there is not an Australian online business that offers the same level of security, experience and service.

In the meantime to all those people who have already enrolled a big friendly wave – imagine a broad beamed middle aged woman on a swivel chair spin around doing a 360 with hand in the air in order to catch all corners of the globe. It looks as if it will be an interesting group as there are people from USA, and the UK which is to be expected but there are also students from Japan and Brazil too!

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On another note the voting for the Katrina blocks starts tomorrow. There were no fresh blocks in my mail box yesterday but if any arrive I will get them online in the Gallery for this project pronto and if there are any stragglers every day after that. As of tomorrow voting can start so do swing by vote for your favourite. The voting period will last two weeks and I will announce the winning block on Christmas Eve.

Regular readers will remember that last week I was looking into cafepress as a way to raise more funds for Katrina survivors via selling merchandise associated with the project. I have to admit that although it looks like a good idea I just don’t have the time to tackle this aspect of the project. Anyone else that wants to email me but at this stage just before Christmas and the main holiday season I think its best to concentrate on the getting the quilts made.

Time to sign off right now as there is heaps of work to be done. So putting my hands against the desk I propel myself backwards from the keyboard get up and go into my workroom to do some work… turning lifts hand and gives a brief wave … see you tomorrow

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