On your mark

On your mark

It’s December 8 here and bright sunny summer morning where I am. The big news is that today people can start to vote for their favourite Katrina Block in the All that Jazz Gallery. Details of how to vote are at the bottom of each page. Basically you can only vote once and an email to me does it. Sweet and simple.

I am still waiting on blocks from people but the postal gremlins are hard at work as they are arriving very slowly. If there are too many people affected by the postal service I will extend the voting period to be fair to them. I feel since they had their block in the mail by the due date its beyond all our control if they are not here yet. I guess we are getting tangled up with the Christmas rush. If you have posted a block to me and it is not in the gallery yet and you have not let me know it is on the way please drop me an email so that I am aware that it’s on its way. I think most people have done this but I would like to be sure. I am still awaiting some of the invitee blocks too but emails tell me they are on their way.

People have worked hard on their blocks. I am amazed at the standard of work. Each block has its merits and they are going to make a wonderful quilt.

Next step will be publicity if any of my readers have contacts to print based magazines, newpapers etc that would interested in hearing about this project could you please email me. My email is sharon.boggon@gmail.com

Well that’s it for this morning do pop over to the gallery and leave your vote.


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