The race is on

The race is on

I have had a very busy morning counting votes, filing them away so we have a record (I feel something like this should have clear records in case we ever need to audit it) and since two more blocks arrived yesterday from invitees i have also just updated the All that Jazz Gallery

The race is on well and truly as there are 3 blocks that are running neck and neck. As soon as vote comes in for one putting it in the lead another email arrives in my box changing the count. Also there is a fourth block which was way behind yesterday but is fast coming up the inside straight and just might win. Early days yet however and the whole race might totally shift. There is chatter on the lists about the blocks and I keep wanting to join in but feel unable to as I would hate to be seen as favouring one block over another. All the blocks are great there are some real doozies in the gallery. Do take time pop over to the Gallery and leave a vote if you have not sone so.

Well I have a busy day ahead of me – the usual Saturday tasks after a couple of hours in the garden. Then I hope to get to some stitching as I am working on some more blocks which will be fresh eye candy and act as examples to points I am making for the online crazy quilting class which is to run in February. So I am off to have a good day – waving to all I sign off.


  1. Hopefully this is the right place to vote on the Katrina Competitors.
    My vote goes to Leslie Erlich, as her block seems to encompass much more of the territory that was affected. Although New orleans figured prominently in the news, and of course was devastated, Mississipi and parts of Alabama were equally as hard hit. Leslie’s block seemed to represent all the areas more than just the one!
    Thanks for doing this Sharon – aren’t we all a small world, really.
    Love your Button-Box quilt squares, and have printed them all out to act as ispiration for me, as I’m still fairly new to Crazy Quilting.
    Clairee Meeks
    Washington state, USA

    Clairee Meeks

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