Mary Frances is asking us to show our worst side

Mary Frances is asking us to show our worst side

Mary-Frances Main of Frequently Wrong, But Never in Doubt , has posted a request for an example of your worst and best designed crazy quilt blocks in order to use them as examples in a crazy quilt class the Rocky Mountain Crazy Quilters in Colorado are going to run. She wants a description of why or what happened. I wish I had some of my early mistakes but 10 years ago now we moved from Australia to England as Jerry was working there for a year and I had a huge clean out. It’s a great idea however as people learn from seeing the mistakes others make and seeing how they got out of them.

On another note some of my future students for the crazy quilting class online I will be offering in February, have contacted me for one reason or another. Heera of Let’s talk about … dropped me an email to say she is planning to document her progress in her relatively new blog.

I wish I had more room in my sidebar as I love the map which illustrates where visitors have come from that Heera has in sidebar. Clustrmaps appears to be free for anyone who has less than 1000 visitors a day.


  1. Jacqui – no problems as long as you don’t re-print the actual lessons. In fact lots of educators encourage students to use a blog in order to sort out their own ideas about a subject. I think its a great idea

    Julia the link should work now

  2. Hi Sharon – so glad you mentioned the blogging of your workshops – I was wondering what the copyright issues are about including material from your joggles course, I would hate to inadvertantly step on any toes 🙁 but do want to keep a blog record of what I am learning, so some guidance would be greatly appreciated 🙂


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