Linda’s Chain of hearts

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Linda’s Chain of hearts

I notice that Linda at Chloe’s place is blogging more of her swaps from the Chains of Hearts group that she established a few years ago. Although this is a group based in Australia people swap world wide. (Correct me here if I am wrong Linda) It’s an easy going no pressure swap which since the hearts are small are not expensive to post. People learn heaps from swaps like these as you get to see what other people do and end up with all sorts of ‘samples’ of work. Linda has set up a chain of hearts flickr photo set, take a look and you will see what I mean.

I have always liked the idea of this swap as it works on a no deadlines principle, you make an embellished heart then contact possible swappers through the list to swap it. I am simply so tempted to join up but since I am embarking on a large project this year the diamond crazy quilt- still have the crazy quilt class lessons to polish and feel hesitant to take on anything new until after at least March when the Katrina quilts have been auctioned off. I might do so later on in the year as the hearts are small to make, quick to finish and a bit of light relief from large projects.


  1. Hi Sharon – you have got it almost right. 🙂 99.9%. Just it is Rosemary running it now, due to other pressures I have had around me, and I am just a moderator now. Rosemary is doing some wonderful stuff there, and I am hoping that sometime soon I will get back to swapping heaps more Hearts.

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