Real Sewing Rooms

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Real Sewing Rooms

If you are ever outfitted or tried to organise your workspace you may like to take a look at what other people have done on Real Sewing Rooms . There are examples of rooms both lage and small. Some are fitted out with furniture that has been designed for the room, there are examples of office furniture used and types of cutting tables all in use by real stitchers.

This is my workroom. On Sunday I was complaining that the surface area of my desk was not large enough so Jerry made it larger with a sheet of Melamine. A few years ago, Jerry also made the storage/shelving/ bench system in the room. The room is not all that large and I can swing around and reach everything that is on the shelves or benches.

The walls are covered from ceiling to nearly the floor in Canite which means I can pin things into them. Both walls in front and behind me act as design boards or simple boards to put stuff tho think about look at etc. So this is the wall in front of the desk. At the moment I have a pile of samplers up and all sorts of odd bits and pieces as you can see. The samplers have been living there for a couple of months. Usually they are in my sewing box rolled up as I use them as a reference and to spark ideas when I am stitching.

This is the wall behind me. I must admit that this bench top is usually covered in stuff but since Jerry was working in the room to extend the desk I had put things away. As soon as the desk was done I was working at it and within 15 minutes stuff was back on the bench! I dragged out my visual journals as I was looking at them for ideas. Then when thought of taking the photo I just stacked them in the corner.

What was I working on? As you can see I have started to work on one of the blocks for the diamond block quilt inspired by Martha Bingley . I have backed each with a fine cheesecloth muslin so I can get them on an embroidery hoop. I have done it this way because when I started to piece the diamonds the extra fabric I was leaving at the edges was throwing my eye out. Normally on a square block this does not happen but because they were diamonds I could not ‘see’ them properly. So I pieced the diamonds and then on Sunday backed about half of them with the extra fine cheesecloth muslin.


  1. Janice – the shelves bench tops etc ae made of melamine – we bought it secondhand forma shop that was going out of business – they were shop shelves – Jerry recut it and built shelving units that are quite wide as I like bench tops o dump stuff on

  2. Just veiwed your sewing room. So enjoyed it. I have been trying to figure how to use my sewing room that was a craft room also until my husband died a year ago. I wish you had shown the other walls. Bench room etc. I need ideas to clear some of the clutter. I have too many UFO’s. Where to put them instead of on my desktop. Hope I will see more of your ideas.

  3. I love your sewing space. Thanks for Sharing. I am looking for ideas for my sewing room. 2 of my children have left so I have a room now to put my sewing stuff in. I am curious about the visual journal. What is that? I have’nt heard of that before. What goes into it and is it in a binder or spiral or what?

  4. Sharon, I love your space and the way you have it laid out, it is such a pleasure to see into others sewing dens. I’m waiting for mine, and then will post for all to see then. Thanks!

  5. Thank you so much for the inspiring blog. Another question about your visual journals….can you talk about what kind of book you use, binder or scrapbook style or what? I’m just starting to keep a visual journal and I want to find something convenient, flexible and hopefully not too expensive. More pictures from your visual journals, too, would be much appreciated. I’m kind of feeling my way slowly concerning what to include, etc.

  6. Yes, thanks a lot for letting us see your room. I love this blog. It always gets my juices running. You mentioned your visual journals which are stacked up on the bench. I know this is asking a lot, but could you post a couple of pages from your visual journals? I am so curious to see how others keep their journals–especially when they aren’t being kept to show others. Don’t want to see anything deeply personal– just have an idea of what suits you for journalling.

    Ronit Monzon
  7. Thanks for the look into where you work. I admit I am slightly green with envy – while I love my sewing room, I just wish it was as organised as yours with all that lovely shelving. Trouble is I’m running out of walls and space. Still one day James will leave home and I have great plans for his tiny bedroom…a cq room or maybe a scrapbooking room. Ahhh the possibilities. Thanks again.

  8. Canite are giant sheets of pin boad sold in hardware stores – here in OZ the room took about $120.00 to cover as I say from nearly floor to ceiling – actually its knee height to ceiling – we just bought them and screwed them on to the walls and pins go in them easily. You can cover them with fabric but I have not done so.

  9. Sharon what is Canite? I have polystyrene packaging from my flat pack wardrobes on the walls of my sewing room now, but it is a fire risk and I am looking for something else that I can easily pin into. The boss says that it is his opinion that I needn’t worry too much about the polystyrene because all the other stuff I keep in there would go up like a rocket anyway, but I do, I do!

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