Take a look

Take a look

If you want to see this quilt you are going visit Annies Crazy World . Annie has been carefully assembling the All that Jazz Katrina fundraiser quilt and blogging just about every seam. For anyone who has not swung by her blog in the last few weeks the series about the assembly of this quilt is a detailed blow by blow demonstration on how to do it. It is going to be a tremendous future resource as it is a live example of how to go about assemling blocks into a quilt.

For everyone’s reference as this is a great series for newbies and old hands alike, here are the perma links in order:

  • Part 1- The “How of assembling a crazy quilt
  • Part 2 – The “How” of trimming blocks to size
  • Part 3 – “How” to make Linda into a square
  • Part 4 – “How” to stitch the blocks together
  • Part 5 – Joining pairs of blocks Together
  • ONE – the conclusion to part 5
  • Part 6 – Borders to Frame All that Jazz
  • Part 7 – More about attaching borders
  • Part 8 – Quilt Engineering
  • Part 9 – WE have borders…
  • There is only the binding to go now. I knew when I asked Annie to do this job that she would take extreme care and do simply a great job. I swear from now on I am going to commission her to assemble any crazy quilt I make as her attention to detail is fantastic.


    1. I remember seeing a tatted hanky edging or was it a corner with needle weaving. tatting in white and needleweaving in green. I think it was a hanky edging. My kids deleted the saveed files. i’ve been trying the find the site for almost 5 months now. Any ideas anyone?

    2. Annie is doing a wonderful job putting all these different blocks together… I’m so glad you chose her to do it! By the time she is done with the quilt there will be a wonderful tutorial for all of us to use… that is soooo cool!

      Thanks to both of you!


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