All that Jazz and other stories

All that Jazz and other stories

Platial.com is a recently launched site which describes itself as a free, social, collaborative atlas for everyone to share information about their favorite places. OK you might ask what can that be used for and why do it? Places have stories associated with them. They come alive because of their history.

One instance is demonstrated on part of the site in Ghost of Carnival Past Map is a map of New Orleans Mardi Gras stories and legends. People can add their story to the map in the process helping to build a larger picture of the City.

On another note Annie has finished assembling the All that Jazz Katrina fundraiser quilt and has started on the other quilts. For anyone who has followed her blog in the last few weeks she has covered the process with a detailed blow by blow demonstration on how she did it.

Here are the perma links in order:

Part 1- The “How of assembling a crazy quilt

Part 2 – The “How” of trimming blocks to size

Part 3 – “How” to make Linda into a square

Part 4 – “How” to stitch the blocks together

Part 5 – Joining pairs of blocks Together

ONE – the conclusion to part 5

Part 6 – Borders to Frame All that Jazz

Part 7 – More about attaching borders

Part 8 – Quilt Engineering

Part 9 – WE have borders…

Part 10 – preparing the quilt for adding the real backing

Part 11 – Tying the Quilt

Part 12 – Rod Pocket

Part 13 – Bindings

Still on the topic of resources and information online provided by bloggers Sandie of abeautifulcraft has published a fantastic tutorial on hand dyeing and painting lace

On yet another note I want to thank people who leave comments I know I often do not respond – bad of me I know but time is often a problem these days but want to say I do enjoy them and they mean a lot to me. Writing day in and day out, month after month is not always an easy task. Searching for interesting material constantly is also sometimes tiring. Trying to keep things fresh and interesting can also be a bit daunting but comments left by readers really peps me up. I started this blog as a self indulgence. At the time apart from knitting orientated blogs there were not many blogs around that focused on other areas textiles. Also I really didn’t think many people would read it I am surprised people still do! Comments are still a tremendous thrill because I know I am talking to someone. So I would just like to say to all those people who ever left a comment and according to my WordPress window there are 1,779 of them a big thankyou.

Skooting around my regular reads is a luxury that is becoming more difficult – there is too many good blogs out there but Debra Roby left a particularly complimentary comment that led me to the blogher site which is going into my side bar. This is not an individuals blog but a network of blogs written by women. To see a list, click blogrolls in the top bar. It took me a moment to spot it, but once there I dived into the directory, clicked on hobby blogs and was lost for hours. This is a great directory established by women for women.

Still on the subject of comments via Meggiecat I found co.mments is a bookmark/rss tool to help track a conversations on blog so if a topic pops up that you want to keep up with you can easily.

Finally, I can not miss out re-blogging this one as Linda at Chloe’s place discovered this gem of a dictionary entry . The Double-tongued Word Wrester is a dictionary of old and new words which are slang, jargon, new, hybrid, archaic, obsolete, and rare words.

That’s enough general chatter for today – I have a busy morning ahead of me – and I have started my monthy fabric postcard for the 6 x 4 lives journal project, so I hope to find some time this afternoon after housework, grocery shopping etc to do some stitching. I won’t get to it if I don’t get off line!

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