All that Jazz Done!

All that Jazz Done!

As I am sure everyone knows Annie of Annies Crazy World has been meticulously assembling the All that Jazz Katrina fundraiser quilt and the two quilts made from donated blocks. These are now done.

Do take a look as these quilts are really stunning. All that Jazz 2 is complete.

The last All that jazz quilt had her stumped a bit but have a look at how she resolved it . It works really well now in my opinion.

Annie has even finished the packaging the quilts will travel to the US in. Take a look at what she has done

Annie has done an really good job on these quilts. It is not a rushed job just thrown together but well crafted as she has taken as much care of the assembly as the creators did when they made their blocks. The final attention to detail makes for a spectaular series of quilts.


  1. I would also like to thank you Sharon and Annie for all the work you both have done in organizing and putting together the All that Jazz quilts.
    Making one block for me was easy, but all the thought and care that Annie has put into putting the quilts together is amazing.
    Annie thought of things like the weight, two backings, which I thought was brilliant, and then the packing of the quilts.
    I can’t wait to see how the auction of the quilts go…

  2. I second that. Annie’s willingness to take the time to blog the process has also taught me a great deal and will be an invaluable resource – if i ever get anything finished *rolls eyes*.

  3. I’d like to take a moment to congratulate Annie for all her hard work and creativity in putting the quilts together! I admire her technical skills, because for some of us, the easy part is creating a thing of beauty but to have the ability to put it all together is another talent again, one that many of us do not possess. I really think that PATIENCE is a virtue you have, and I admire that immensely! Personally, I am NOT a math person and I really have to think, plot and calculate to put things together SO I ADMIRE Annie’s skills and wish to thank her for her time and input on such a diverse and worthwhile project. Annie you have my utmost admiration and respect for the skills and inherent intuition you have to put everyone else’s work into a masterpiece. I really think that the ” workhorses” do not always receive the kudos they justly deserve and I for one, salute YOU ! Thanks for making everyone else look good!!! I hope the artists involved take the time to thank you, each one, for all you’ve done for the overall project!


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