The Katrina Hurricane survivor fundraiser quilts go on Ebay on Wednesday

The Katrina Hurricane survivor fundraiser quilts go on Ebay on Wednesday

I am jumping around the kitchen this morning as I received word from Willa that the Katrina fundraiser quilts are going up on Ebay this Wednesday AM (US time). Please spread the word post to lists, blogs as much as you can and watch this space for a link to the auction and further news from Willa.

For those who are unaware of this project All that Jazz is a fundraiser for survivors of the Katrina disaster. The aim has been to produce crazy quilts to be auctioned on Ebay with the money going to support survivors of hurricane Katrina. Willa Fuller of In the Willawags is acting as an agent in the US and selling these quilts on Ebay for us.

I asked 19 well known crazy quilters to work an 8 inch block. The 20th block was a winner’s block chosen by popular vote from blocks people donated. After a voting period the winner was announced on Christmas eve as being Marty Trahan.

We had enough blocks to make 3 quilts. All that Jazz no 1 is the main quilt and the others have been assembled from competitors blocks. Of course individual blocks are wonderful but it is in how they sit together that the quilts really take on a real presence.

A Gallery is online which displays each block in all its glory. In the gallery you can click on the individual blocks in the quilt and it will take you to a close up.

So spread the word that the quilts are going on sale Wednesday AM (US time).


  1. Oh, how exciting! I sure hope they bring in some big bucks!! Thanks to Willa for putting them up on eBay. I think that Annie’s finishing treatments do a superb job of highlighting the blocks. This is gonna be fun!


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