Design as Play

Design as Play

Ulla-Maaria Mutanen of HobbyPrincess has written a very interesting piece Design as Play

Removing play from the scope of socially significant work and adult activities has led to its trivialisation. Play has no place in the professional world or the social innovation system. In Finland too we consider technology to be a technical activity rather than a creative one. According to the stereotype, Finnish companies are headed by serious-minded, untalkative engineers.
In the light of current trends, however, it looks like the role of play in work, especially in design and research work, will have to be re-evaluated. One reason for this can be found in the ongoing innovation crisis within established institutions and businesses. Organisations trimmed to maximise their economic performance no longer represent the kind of environment in which the best new ideas and innovations can develop.

Click the link it’s worth a reading

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  1. That is a really good article and I agree that play is essential. I even call what I do playing, but if I’m asked to design for someone, it then becomes work and I dry up unfortunately. So people are welcome to things I have done in play, but please don’t ask me to make something special :>)

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