A mystery piece

A mystery piece

Linda at Chloe’s place is trying to date and track down information about a particularly interesting piece of embroidery she found in her latest museum trawl. Linda does catalogue work at her local museum and has turned up this interesting mystery piece Do check it out and see if you can offer her any leads.

On the comment saga I have updated my blog software and hopefully this will mean the problem is fixed. Over the weekend I plan to install a different comment spam blocker which should help too. I think what is happening is some regular people who leave comments are being blocked as spammers. I am not sure. I get a couple of hundred spam messages a day and these are automatically blocked and deleted. I hav no idea why it started happening as I have not changed any settings it just started.

So if you feel like leaving a comment please do. If it does not get published by tonight and you have time, can you drop me a line to let me know. I would appreciate it very much and I want to say a big thankyou to all those who have emailed me so far about this problem.

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