Stilts, bags and Circus Costumes

Stilts, bags and Circus Costumes

After yesterdays post about my new squidoo link lists I feel everyone has a heap of links to browse so I am going to be a little self indulgent this morning.

Yesterday afternoon I made a stilt bag. As many readers know Eve my daughter is in a circus Will o’ the Wisp. The news is that Eve is about to do a three month tour the UK and Ireland, departing on Tuesday morning. A stilt bag was needed so out with the sewing machine and here it is.

Last weekend the Wispies were at the National Celtic Festival which was at Port Arlington, Victoria and took part in the World record attempt for the mass highland fling. Eve in her usual style did it on stilts. That’s right the highland fling on stilts! Now these are wooden peg stilts she is dancing in, not the light weight aluminium ones. If you are impressed there are more photos on their National Celtic Festival gallery

I thought this morning I would point to the latest costume I have finished. I have to admit I completed it in January but I have not blogged it before mainly because it was whipped out of my hands and taken to the other side of the country before I could photograph it. Not because Eve is thoughtless but because I am one of those stitch till the last moment costumers much to Eves frustration.

I am trying to keep on topic rather than turn this into a brag post. Ok, I will be honest, it’s a brag post, not so much about the costume but about the stilt walker.

So here is the latest costume. This is the front. Eve is dashing to a gig – yes running. It takes skill to and a good level of fitness to run on stilts.

This shot was taken Fairbridge Festival which was in West Australia in April. It shows the back of the costume better. Eve is dancing. The photo also gives you a better idea of the height she works at. If you are curious, you can see most of the costumes in use in the Wisp photo gallery

Now these costumes get heavy wear as Will o’ the Wisp mainly works with fire. So think soot, sweat and dirt. The costumes have to stand up to hard, active usage in far from ideal conditions. So when Eve came home for a week the tired costumes came with her. They all were washed, repaired and ironed. Try ironing half a dozen stilt pants and you will know why I mention the ironing!

Well that’s it for my little motherly brag thanks for the tolerance and I hope you enjoyed a bit about the family.


  1. Is she by any chance going to be taking part in the Edinburgh Festival during that tour?
    (I’ll go rummage through my papers for this years guide and have a look myself later)..just happens I may be there….

  2. Hi Sharon:
    I think you have every right to brag about your beautiful, talented daughter! You share so much of everything else with us, it’s a pleasure to see and hear about things that are dear to your heart. Across the miles, I can feel the pride and see the joy that Eve brings to you. By the photos, you can see the happiness she is experiencing following her dreams! How wonderful to be young and exuberant and doing what you love! We send her our very best wishes for a safe and exciting trip to the UK. Although you will miss her Sharon, I’m sure there’ll be lots to chat about when she returns and no doubt some new ideas which require your clever hand at costuming! All the best from Canada,


  3. Sharon, small world..
    My DD and DGD were at the Fairbridge festival..it was a 4 day weekend. it’s only an hours drive from here
    They camped out in a tent.. had a ball…
    No. they are not in the pic.. but I will ask her about seeing Eve on stilts..
    Hugs JuliaC

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