Day 4 of 100 details for 100 days

Day four is an embellishment which consists of two rows of herringbone worked in rayon ribbon back to back. The next thing I did was to lace both rows with a thick thread, which left a neat centre between the rows for a bead. This is couching a half inch wide ribbon in place but can be used as a seam embellishment too.

Margaret of Digital Gran has decided to join in and worked the seam embellishment posted on Day 1 in the series.

Sophie of Sophie Junction asked if a Flickr group could be started for anyone who wanted to join in. I think the Crazyquilting Group could be used for this. It fits the topic, and does not fracture the interest area into smaller, seperate, different groups of people. I figure if everyone is one place conversations can develop naturally and people can bounce ideas off each other. If all related crazy quilting activities are kept to one group then people only have one thing to check. Also for newbies to flickr, they don’t get so confused. What do others think? If people want a separate group I will set one up but the current one could work fine. So I would like some feedback on that please let me know as I will follow what people want.

Pam Kellogg of Kitty & Me Designs has been charting designs suitable for seam embellishments or even simple band samplers. These have been posted daily too.

Barbara Cheeseman left a comment asking if they are going to be listed somewhere. It was a good question as I am inclined to assume that people understand categories, permalinks and the like in blogs. I forget that people are still learning to navigate them and bookmark parts of them which is thoughtless on my part.

The series is archived in a category under 100 details in 100 days. Under the title of every post, each day you will see what categories are associated with the piece. Click on any of these and you are taken to that category of the blog. Categories also are listed on the index page in the side bar. They are handy things because it means you browse the posts of just one subject area and not necessarily all the twaddle I write in between. It also means you can bookmark or print out stuff just from one category.

Permalinks on the other hand are the link to a single post and its comments. The permalink for this post is found by clicking on the title. Click there and you will notice the URL in your address bar changes because you have gone to a separate page. Permalinks are handy because it means you can bookmark a page inside a blog and it does not get lost in the archives. It also means I can link to a particular post inside a blog. So if someone writes a good tutorial I can link to their main index page, in other words their blog or, I can link to the tutorial inside the blog.

For instance I can say, as I did yesterday that “Robin Atkins of Beadlust has run a tutorial in two parts on How to Make Beaded Buttons. The follow up to this article is here.”

Notice there are 3 different links in the sentence. The first is to Beadlust itself and the next two links are to the parts of the tutorial.

Different software programs have slightly different systems. With WordPress which is the software I use, the title is the link to the permalink. With Blogger it is the time stamp, in the case of squarespace the title is the permalink, with Typepad blogs it actually says permalink at the base of the post. In many ways things like permalinks, categories, tags, the ability to leave comments and RSS feeds are the elements of a blog that make this particular publishing format such a powerful tool for ordinary people.

If people are wondering what an RSS feed is I am not going into this morning as I covered it in this post on managing your blog reading. Tags act like keywords. I will explain them on another day.

Well after sidelining myself beautifully that’s enough of my morning chatter in future I will try and remember to include the link to the category at the end of each post and I will see what plugins are available to automatically generate a ‘related article’ section or something of the sort. Thinks to self – now I have to categorize this post under blogging as well as 100 details in 100 days. It also fits in the crazy quilting category as well as the Embroidery and needlework section because I have mentioned particular stitches. I love categories!

See where good questions lead? Right off topic!


  1. Sandie,
    Yours has always been one of my favorite blogs. Now I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful talent through the 100 stitches for 100 days. Your time is just as limited as all of ours, but we will certainly benefit from your generosity.

  2. Thanks for this new series of ‘details’ I love it!!!

    btw, Robin (beadlust) is such an amazing artist. I just run out of complimentary adjetives while viewing her beaded beauties / pictures on her blog : )

    Always, Lelia

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