Day 3 of 100 details for 100 days

Day 3 of 100 details for 100 days

Day three brings you another 2 seam treatments. The first consists of a row of 3 detached chain stitches worked DMC pearl 8. Tucked between each of those is a small straight stitch. This edges a piece of lace that has been embellished with beads.

The second row is also edging a piece of lace. The embellishment consists of a line of whipped buttonhole . Hanging off this is a row of flowers which are made of French knots worked in a soft cotton hand dyed thread the weight of DMC pearl 8. The stem is straight stitch and the leaves are detached chain.You can see how I had to jiggle a bit to fit them in.

I am trying to find simple seam treatments at the moment as it allows people room to adapt and reinterpret as they feel. It is just great to see these little details being used as jumping off place for other interpretations. Susan Eliot of Plays with needles has joined in. Take a look at the wonderful interpretation as it’s prompted me to try her version and adapt that!

Allison Aller has also interpreted yesterdays detail weaving a small ribbon over the rick rack. I am going to try that one too.

Pam Kellogg of Kitty & Me Designs is charting out some seam treatments for use with waste canvas on crazy quilts. So far Pam has posted a Satin Stitch Maple Leaf Seam Treatment and two other Charted Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments . Do check them out as this series will be a tremendous resource for everyone.

On a slightly different note but related, I have just recently joined a few yahoo discussion lists which are both active with an interest in stitching driving the conversation. The First is Hand Embroidery which members are making samplers of the stitches used in crazy quilting. Group members are posting their samples and the variations of stitches they discover in the members photos area.

The second list I want to point to is the Stitching Post which also has a stitch along running. Members are taking a basic stitch exploring it, and sharing the results. Both lists are active and are proving highly enjoyable.

Another list I have recently joined is Red Work Stitchers which is devoted to – you guessed it redwork embroidery. I don’t actually do redwork but many of the designs are suitable motifs for use in crazy quilting. This is another active group and it feels fun.

Robin Atkins of Beadlust has run a tutorial in two parts on How to Make Beaded Buttons . The follow up to this article is here. These look absolutely delicious.


  1. I keep trying to leave a comment to tell you I have joined the group and stitched Days 1 & 2 but nothing seems to be going through. I am also having a very hard time reading the comments and the sidebar as they are miniscule. Is there something I need to do with my computer to enlarge the type?

    My blog is debraspincicdesignstudio.blogspot.com


  2. I just answered my own question. Why don’t I just read on a bit more!
    I’ve pieced together some strips onto a foundation calico and am trying out each idea along the seams, revisiting a strips project from last year.

  3. Hi Sharon, I’ve just come across your 100 days, on day 3. I do quite a lot of crazy patchwork and seam treatments fascinate me. Problem is, I’m going on holiday soon and will miss 14 of them! Can I access past days? I cant find anything on day 3 page to do this, except links to other people’s pages who have tried out the ideas for days 1 and 2. Barbara

    Barbara Cheeseman
  4. Sharon, I appreciate your thinking of all of us, but for me at least, don’t try to adapt to what you think we might want or need…just show what you feel like showing! We’ll see what happens from there… πŸ˜‰

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