Day 2 of 100 details for 100 days

Day 2 of 100 details for 100 days

To my delight and surprise, yesterdays announcement about this series created quite a reaction. I had thought that people would read them and enjoy them but had no idea it would provoke a stitch-a-long.

Allison Aller started the ball rolling by jumping in and within hours had her interpretation online

Candida in São Paulo, Brazil has also worked the seam treatment and put an image up on her flickr site. While you are there, check out this wonderful block she did as part of the joggles class I presented early in the year.

As a slightly different challenge Annie Whitsed of Annies Crazy World has started to post 100 details for 100 days too. So there will be more daily eye candy. I hope this idea spreads too as it will make everyones morning coffee or evening surf most enjoyable.

If people are joining in, even if its only occasionally drop me an email or leave a comment I will link to you so people can surf the different interpretations.

I was asked via email if these articles will stay online – yes they will. Book mark the category and you will always find it The category is here. As I said yesterday feel free to print them out and use them.

Now for todays seam treatment which is actually two as I could not crop it to show just one. I have chosen something simple so it is suitable for everyone. As you can see it is a seam treatment of 3 detached chain stitches simply attached to rick rack on each hump. the thead used is actually hand dyed crochet cotton which is the same thickness as Pearl 5 thread.

The other is a line of quarter buttonhole wheels worked in DMC Pearl 5 thread and a samll bead has been added to each centre. The back ground fabric was some cutwork which I stitched in as I made the block and beaded.

While I am at it, I have been neglectful as I have been meaning to highlight Lillian’s blog Crazyseoulsister Lillian lives in Korea and does some lovely crazy quilting work so while you are in the mood do check her out.


  1. A friend of mine sent me a link to your blog and I must say I’ve returned faithfully ever since. Embroidery and quilting were two of my first textile loves. I’ve since “moved on” to spinning, knitting, and weaving, but still love all things fibery/textiley.

    You have such a great resource here, I’m surprised you aren’t on some of the webrings such as “Bloggers Who Embellish.” If it’s okay I’d like to mention your blog on mine. Yours is too good not to share.

  2. I’m doing it, too, Sharon — I have to pop by Allison’s yet, but I’ve always wanted to do
    a sampler-type such as similar to your display in your section on using different stitches to portray things such as the seahorse, etc. The gecko is my favorite!!

  3. Great idea Sharon,
    I look forward to seeing what seam treatment comes up each day.
    I know, I get into a rut and I tend to just do the same old..same old over and over…getting some new inspiraton will be great…

  4. Hi Sharon
    What a great idea you’ve had! I have to tell you…I have taken part in a number of round robins and none of the pieces came back completely finished. My intention is to make a quilt when they are all done, but I don’t seem to have the initiative to finish the squares and they have been languishing in my cupboard for several years. You have inspired me to try to keep up with you and use your daily ‘bits’ to help finish my project. Thank you so much for the many days of inspiration you have given me, and everyone who reads your blog!

    Mary Anne
  5. What a wonderful idea, and I do so want to join in, but don’t have the time. Wish, wish, wish.

    I will be doing a doiley census soon where I am working – maybe I save them up and do a Hundred Doileys in a Hundred Days.

    I see Annie has joined you – Strength to Your Needles!

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