Day 1 of 100 details for 100 days

Day 1 of 100 details for 100 days

I have decided to start a new series of posts which will run for a 100 days. Each day I plan to post a detail of some stitch, seam treatment or embellishment and talk a little about it. I am calling the series 100 details for 100 days. I will draw on work I am doing or projects I have completed, some of which are not on my site. Looking through the photos I have on my hard drive of both samplers and crazy quilting I realise that some areas are simple to work and other details need quite a high skill level so people of all skill levels should enjoy them.

The idea popped into my head while doing the dishes. (I don’t know why I have my best thinking time doing mundane tasks but I do) Why have I decided to post a detail a day on top of my normal posts? I have left full time 9- 5 work and I wanted to jazz up this blog a little. I have been feeling a little stale particularly since the comments are still not quite working. At the moment they appear in the side bar but not below the post! So following my own philosophy that the more energy you put into something the more you get out of it I decided I would jump in on this. People like eye candy for inspiration so I thought I would share some in a series. By the end of the series people will have a digital sampler of stitches and ideas which will reside in its own category and if they choos people can print them out and keep them in a file or their visual journal.

So first detail is a very simple seam treatment based on an arrangement of straight stitch with bugel beads, small pearls and heart shaped beads added. The stitching is worked in no 5 and no 8 pearl. The row of pale blue cross stitches is worked in a cotton thread similar to no 8 pearl. As a thread it does not have quite the same sheen but has the same weight and I like contrasting thread weight and sheen on seam treatments.

The detail comes from the photo board frame I made Eve.

For those people who swing by for a morning link don’t fear I will still be posting those too. This series is just an added bonus!


  1. I am taking the 100 seam treatments a day challenge Sharon.

    It will take me more than 100 days to complete each day but it will be worth the efforts.
    There are so many things in here I have not tried. It is time to try new things.


  2. Thanks a million for making such an effort for all of us to enjoy your creativity … and I’m gobsmacked we will be getting ‘100 details’ I cannot wait to view / read all of them : )

    Always, Lelia

  3. Thanks so much. This is such an exciting idea. I really look forward to seeing everything you will be showing us all. It is so generous of you!
    Best wishes, Mandy.

  4. Sharon I feel so honoured as I am completely mesmerized with the talent that you show and so lovingly share. Thank-you. I hope to have a finished large quilt square when you are through, that means 100 lines.

  5. Hi, Sharon– Thank you very much for the energy you put out for others so that they may enjoy their embroidery more. Embroidery is an affair of the heart. Thank you for helping ours bloom.

    PS: Also, I want to thank you for the OK to print these daily treats and keep them in a booklet to refer to for our own encouragement and continued learning.

  6. i have been searching for some motivational project
    combining a bit of me with some new *word*
    i am inspired by 100 ideas for a 100 days
    thinking of ladder wallhanging table topper or?
    but i need some clothes : ) so…perhaps a 100 embellished items?
    i am being silly and i am not
    just letting my thoughts flow for the fun of it
    thanks again for all your sharing
    i sure hope i can make up my mind !!!

  7. Sharon, one of the problems we CQers get into is we get tired of thinking up new stitch/bead combinations…here you are doing the thinking for us and that makes it just so easy and fun.
    Plus, I have a largish CQ project (from the John Campbell School) that would be a perfect place to incorporate 100 Details!

  8. Genius! What a great idea! I’m going over to the Crazy Quilt Discussion on the Quilters Studio forum over at Delphi (started by Debra Spincic) right away to let the interested newcomers over there about this. For myself, I plan on stitching the 100 ideas each day as they come along.
    Thank you so much for this, Sharon!!!

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