100 details for 100 days Day 19

100 details for 100 days Day 19

Day 19
Today is a very simple detail as it is Open cretan stitch simply laced with a fine cord. If you want to see the block the it came from it is one of the 8 inch crazy blocks Detail 17 and 18 are from the same block too so you might want to check it out.


For anyone just swinging by this series of posts are listed under 100 details for 100 days in this blog. Over on Flickr it is associated with the Crazyquilting Group and photos are tagged 100detailsin100days


  1. Sharon,
    I love this block — I printed it out as the cover for my Joggles class binder so it’s become a close friend of mine. Thanks for the simple seam treatment — seeing the beautiful SRE treatment on this block makes me wish for a silk ribbon detail. Not to influence the oracle, but is there possibly an SRE detail in our future??

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