Vintage embroidery designs, Spanish embroidery and Contemporary Samplers

Vintage embroidery designs, Spanish embroidery and Contemporary Samplers

I received an email from Bhavani of Needlecraft who discovered a great site about Lagartera, a Spanish form of embroidery.

This site is in Spanish so you will need to translate it. I used Google’s translating service and spent a good while exploring the site.

Spanish Embroidering History And Tradition provides resources on Spanish Blackwork, openwork, regional styles of embroidery, lace work. It is a site worth exploring.

Meggiecat has published some vintage embroidery designs of clover. I love out of copyright material like this so don’t miss them.

On a purely stitching note Connie of The Scoop, Score and Deal has produced a contemporary sampler. When I say sampler to people they often have an expression on their face that tells me they are thinking of vintage samplers. Many people still recreate these and I do too. However samplers can be as freeform as you like and this is a good example of simply exploring stitches for the sake of exploration. I like and work, both contemporary and traditional samplers and it is great to see a revival in interest in them as they are a wonderful way to explore and record stitches while increasing stitching skill.

Also the latest issue of CQMagOnline is out.

That’s it for today, I am off to stitch.

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