Fabric postcard for July

Fabric postcard for July

Fabric Postcard for July 2006

Regular readers will know that each month I have been making a postcard in fabric for the 6 x 4 lives challenge. Yesterday I loaded this image on to flickr so I just made the daedline.

This fabric postcard is an experimental piece of hand embroidery. It commenced life being worked on hand dyed scrim, then it was attached it to a hand dyed linen background.

Stitches such as buttonhole stitch and buttonhole wheels pulled as they were worked in order to create holes in the scrim.

The textured stitches are French knots worked over and around a hairy woollen thread which was couched down to the fabric. Tucked between these are some Whipped Spiders Wheels and some beads. There is a mix of threads used. Thick threads, thin threads, some that shine and some that are flat. Stitches are pulled to produce holes in the scrim and I think as a contemporary technique it has loads of potential. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I thought you might like a close up of the detail.

The challenge is to produce a fiber postcard once a month that records what you have been exploring, doing, or thinking about.

This is not swap challenge, but a personal challenge. The format of a fabric postcard can be used to explore telling stories visually, or experimenting with techniques.

As usual you can click on the image for a larger view and for anyone just swinging by this series of posts is associated with the 6 x 4 lives group and photos are tagged 6x4lives


  1. Wow! Sharon, this piece is amazing…
    It inspires me to break out as you say and explore something different and creative like this piece…but where does one start, almost to scared to start.
    I’m really keen to try some textile art, got as far as buying the water soluble backing.
    Quilting Arts mag. spring 2004 has some amazing wearable art..
    Julia C

  2. Marty – I will be suggesting for those who love traditional surface stiching that they work either a long band type sampler on linen, Aida or Lynda. Only if that appeals. The other way to go is to experiment with different fabrics and keep their work in clear plastic slips in a file. It will be up to the student.The idea will be to really explore stitches both basic and some of the more unusual ones not yet in my stitch dictionary.

    I imagine there will be many crazy quilters sign up so it will emphasise seam treatments but I hope to encourage students to fully explore stitches too.

    Something like hand dyed quilting cotton would be fine! Or get some linen and dye it yourself (linen is just fantastic to stitch) I will be suggesting that students also experiment on scrim (like this post card) felt, and dress making fabrics that are in a natural fiber. People will discover that different fabrics and threads will mean that the stitches behave differently and knowing this adds to your repertoire

    Thanks everyone else for the compliments it is most gratifying

  3. Sharon,you amaze me. This piece is very lovely. It has wonderful balance and flow. It looks unplanned and playful, but it is too lovely to be just a happy accident.

  4. This is wonderful, Sharon. I may just have to follow that urge for freeform playing that I’ve been having lately!

    Regarding your embroidery class this fall… what kind of fabric will we be using for the samplers? I want to find some hand-dyed fabric in the right size weave if I can. :0)

  5. Lin – I just felt like breaking out as I have been working a number of samples for my next class that will be offered on Joggles.com – The class is about exploring stitches and I have been working many samples on traditional fabrics like linen and aida but I wanted a breakout so that people can feel to really experiment if they want to – I think I will do it more often!

  6. Sharon,
    This is beautiful, intriguing, curious and wonderful. What were you thinking about this month, or is that too personal a question? Does it explore some theme – like you have to get yourself in a certain frame of mind to work on it or what?

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