53,746 steps for Week 6

53,746 steps for Week 6

I guess pottering about the garden does not necessarily mean you get your steps up to 10,000. I have been out in the yard more often lately and during the week I managed to clock 53,746 steps. Spring has sprung and I have been pulling weeds, cleaning up after winter, cutting back frost damaged plants and although it feels good with the sun on my back it is not enough. But I thought the photo of the daffies was appropriate anyway. Don’t they look happy? One of the things I love about gardening in Canberra is that ou can grow bulbs and spring when it arrives is wonderful.

I am constantly amazed at how much activity you need to do to hit that magic figure of 10,000. I think this challenge is doing good as it does make me aware of the amount of activity I am doing or not doing in my day.

Other stitchers involved in the challenge (to my knowledge leave a comment if you want to join in) are

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Jerry (my husband)

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