Day 84 in 100 Crazy Quilt details

Day 84 in 100 Crazy Quilt details

Day 84 in 100 crazy quilt detailsDay 84 in 100 Crazy Quilt details another seam which I first covered with a thin, hand dyed, piece of lace. On one side I worked a straight stitch in a groups of three in cotton perle #8 and then added a small flower like shape using caston stitch. This was also worked using cotton perle #8. I added a bead  to the middle of each caston stitch.

At the bottom of the lace I worked a row of detached chain stitches in groups of two. These were worked in a silk thread. I added a straight stitch between them and then two Bullion stitches in a cotton perle #8 thread.

Below the bullions I added two straight stitches finished with two French knots worked in a finer cotton perle #12 thread.

If you are just swinging by, or a search engine has landed you here, this is day 84 in a series of articles that aim to give you embellishment ideas that you can use in your crazy quilting. If you want to print out this series 100 details for 100 days they are listed under that category.

Have you enjoyed this series? If so you may be interested in  a tutorial I have written on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams. I hope you have enjoyed Day 84 in 100 Crazy Quilt details

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marking a seam using my stitchers Templates

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