Day 88 in the 100 details for 100 days series

Day 88 in the 100 details for 100 days series

The detail for Day 88 in the 100 details for 100 days series features another simple seam embellishment that has been worked alongside a piece of commercial braid. The braid is made of gimp and was hand dyed with procion dyes. 

I first worked a row of Chevron stitch in DMC pearl 5. I then laced this stitch using the same lacing pattern that is used in Twisted lattice band. I used a tubular rayon knit ribbon.

I then used the very familiar Detached Chain stitch and straight stitch in clusters along the top. I worked these in a hand dyed silk thread that is the same weight as DMC pearl 8. Seed beads just lifted the area enough to make it interesting.

If you are just swinging by, a search engine has landed you here, or you want to print out this series the articles are listed under 100 details for 100 days in this blog.

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  1. I do think there is power in the collective. People brain-storming and bouncing ideas off one another is always a good thing. I am always subject to change my direction depending on the input of others. I am also willing to change direction when the project starts steering itself against my original plan.

    I wish I had not been so busy yesterday! While I love the idea of taking a stitch and pushing it, I think Try a Stitch pushes the educational aspect of project and is very welcoming to newbies. 😀 Try a Stitch, then push it! LOL

    I really need to get focused and work on stitching. I have a lot of work to do before EGA Seminar, plus I have a dozen projects with deadlines going at once. I need to quit spending so much time online and invest a little of that in my embroidery for a while. 🙂 I think that I may need to make another pass at the Artist’s Way and blog it as I go.

  2. My vote goes to Take a Stitch, because that’s exactly what the challenge is to be. Take a Stitch then do what you will, copy it, enhance it, embellish it, make it your own.

    I joined 6 x 4 quite late, but I watched it from the start, I really enjoy it and I hope it keeps going. I’m sure it will gain momentum if we keep it up, look what eventually happened to ‘Bags of Fun’. Let’s make a new rule, if you put your postcard on your blog, you MUST also put a link to 6×4 in that same post to encourage new ‘viewers’. Also, a snippet of information about the subject or the technique to go along with the picture and a link to your blog if you have posted a detailed description of how you made it or explained how you came up with the idea might stimulate interest. The take-up of Sharon’s paisley design shows how a little inspiration goes a long way.

  3. Sharon,
    I just stumbled onto your wonderful 100 Days! As an absolute beginner, I must thank you so much for the inspiration and encouragement you are sharing. I can’t wait to try out all of these wonderful ideas and look forward to increasing my embroidery skills!

  4. Sharon
    My thoughts on why ‘6x4lives’ went so quiet,was due to getting rather involved on postcard groups with swaps;and also the fact that there was little interaction between members.
    Most of us would have been posting our PC photos to our own blogs and groups,and probably felt that a third posting of the same photo was overkill.

  5. I make a point of not committing to anything I’m not sure I can accomplish so I did not sign “up” for 100 stitches. I have, however, signed “in”, visiting yours and the other participants’ sites. I have been inspired so thanks to all of you!

  6. I really enjoyed your 100 details series and of course gotten alot done on my wall hanging. Also you and Pam inspired me to start my own blog. For the next series I like Conni’s name SASS Wednesday. I have signed up for your Encrusted class and I hope it will be ok, because I do not have High speed internet. I really need the design element.

    June R (grandma ziki)
  7. Sharon, first let me say, Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and posting the 100 days. For a beginner like me they are a real inspiration and motivator!
    I will be sad to see the 100 days end but I am happy to see you will be starting a new “motivation” series.
    Hey, that could be a name …Motivation Mondays or
    Tantalizing Tuesday or
    Wacky Wonky Wednesdays ..LOL

    Looking forward to January and all the stitch possibilities.
    Thank you 🙂

    Liz Schaffner
  8. I can’t read the other comments because the print comes up very teeny-tiny on my computer, so I may be repeating things that have been said.

    I have enjoyed the 100 details posts very much. Because of other deadlines I haven’t joined in posting – but I have looked everyday and printed the details out for later stitching.

    I would love to see this continue in some format, but one that doesn’t run Sharon into the ground so that she quits posting all together. I do look forward to each new posting.

    I took the first online class, and I have signed up for the new class. I can hardly wait.


    Marci Hainkel
  9. Me again!
    I just want to vote for “Take a Stitch”…I think it is perfect, like “Take a Step..” a venture into exploration. And “Take it”, as in, “It is YOURS if you go after it”.
    Nice thinking, Di!

  10. I like Embellish Your Day! That is what the 100 details has made me feel like. What is she going to do today. I think the format could be left to the stitchers. I like the postcard size idea, but I know others might like samplers or fabric books.

    I have looked forward to every day and reading the blog each morning has been a good start for me. Except that I wanted to stay home and work on it instead of going to my paid job.

    I took your first class at Joggles and am signed up for the second. Certainly,100 details added to what I learned in the class and didn’t overlap. You know so much that I can’t imagine you would do that. I feel rich just being in e-community with you. I hope enough people will sign up for your classes that you don’t have to go back to 8-5. I’m ready for the new idea to begin and this one hasn’t ended.

  11. Opps – made a mistake there. I should have used the word “was inspired by” instead of “comes from” in the sentence “This suggestion comes from one of the Embroiderer Guild’s 100th anniversary exhibitions I attended this year”

  12. Twisted Tuesdays made me laugh out loud. However, as someone who has lots of other things taking up her time, including work, something that has to be done each week for a year could become a chore. For some once a week is great, but others would prefer once a month. So how about a title that would incorporate both of these timetables, e.g. “The Rainbow Line”.
    This suggestion comes from one of the Embroiderer Guild’s 100th anniversary exhibitions I attended this year. The current members had a display of linked panels. Each panel was 10cm square – a piece of cardboard covered with fabric – and each piece of fabric displayed different embroidery techniques (including: cross stitch, goldwork, appliqué, raised work, Italian quilting, traditional embroidery and needlepoint). Panels of the same colour where linked vertically and if there were lots of them then a number of columns were made. The columns where then hung from a vertical bar for display purposes. It was really impressive and I will send you a scan of the photgraph I took once I get the film back.
    It was also inspiring for me and I think that I will be creating my own rainbow panel in the years to come as there are lots of techniques I would like to try out but possibly only the once. However often I might end up doing a techqniur I think the panels would be a great way to display my work – a reference work sample that is also a piece of art on the wall.

  13. Sharon, I love the 100 days details because it inspires me to step out of my comfort zone, it teaches me a lot, and because I love all the eye-candy that your work and the links provide.

    I like the open format, because I can join in as I have the time and inclination to do so, without having to worry about deadlines, or whether my work is good enough for others.

    As to names, how about Seam Dreams, Dream-a-Seam etc.

    Linda Egan
  14. I have thoroughly enjoyed your 100 details for a hundred days. It has become quite addictve -logging on every evening reading your piece for the day and then leaping off to read all the links. I think because the parameters of the idea are quite loose and it is a stitch a week, it will allow (in their own minds) many people to participate. I find that if I am bound by quite strict time constraints (which are good in certain situations) I panic and end up not doing anything because, as a another commneter said, your idea isn’t good enough!! Stalemate. To be able to take a stitch (and I am a complete beginner in this) and be able to master it, explore it and shere with people their different ideas appeals to me. Also the idea of a smapler, postcards etc also sound good. As long as you don’t mind if absolute beginners like myself ask really mind blowingly simple questions about threads, needle sizes, types of fabric etc I think I’m up for it. It would also encourage me to blog more often. Thank you Sharon.

    As for a name how about Take a Stitch.

  15. Sharon, it has indeed been most interesting and gratifying to be part of your adventures in the cultural evolution of blogging. I loved hearing your thoughts about online group dynamics.

    I will tell you why the challenge worked so well for me: I was just starting to embellish my large CQ, “Crazy for Flowers”, when the Details began. My seam treatments were stale, repetitive, and uninspired. Then the Details came along, and I knew right away they would help me so much with my quilt. Since then I have been thrilled with the process every step of the way, and I know our online endeavors–all of us together–have much to do with that.
    My point is I had a specific place to use the Details, a purpose of my own that they helped me to fulfill. Doing a sampler, no matter how much it would help me (and I know it would), wouldn’t motivate me at all in the same way.
    But that is just me. For me to jump into the challenge next year–and I do want to–I need to have the right format, as you said. I am going to be moving into miniature embellished landscapes when C for F is done…I am hoping the new year’s challenge will feed my landscape project.! I’ll bet it does…
    Thanks so much for leading the way…

    …Tuesday’s Textile Travels?

  16. I’ve enjoyed catching up with 100 details for a hundred days each morning, and have used a few of them too. I’ll be sorry when it’s finished, and look forward to whatever comes next with great anticipation.

    Here’s a couple of ideas for names…as I’m not sure if you’d decided on a day, I’ve included Tuesday and Wednesday

    Tuesday Treasures or Wednesday Whimsies or Weekday Whimsies
    Embellish Your Day
    Stitch a Spell

    Belle Gilbert
  17. Sharon, have you ever thought of rating your posts as one cup, two cup, three cups etc??? Bit like ratings for movies etc. 🙂

    Not really …

    But what I was thinking was that I igned up, and due to the busy-ness of my life, never got anywhere.

    Where I am more comfortable atthe minute is posting things “in progess”, as in the flower on mmy current blog. And the actual Heart itself. There is still a tendency to show only “finished” items, which is good, as they are inspiring, but I think there is still a place for showing HOW they develop.

    In other words, pictures of things half done, then finished.

    Which does not fit in at all with what you are talking at the minute – probably – but it is something that is exercising my mind.

  18. Sharon,
    As a very happy former & soon-to-be student of yours, I can say the 100 Details for 100 Days project complements, but doesn’t compete with your class material. For me it has provided an ongoing ‘push’ that I find I am in great need of at this time in my life. I think what you will be doing next year sounds like it will complement the new class you will be teaching in November.

    I agree that keeping the challange very loose will insure more people will take advantage of what you have to offer. Having instigated several challenges for various groups I’ve belonged to, it has been my observation that having too many ‘rules’ means fewer participants that finish.

    I hope you will be able to quit your ‘day job’ & do what you really want to do. I will be doing my part in insuring you have at least 1 student in any class you teach at Joggles.

    Thank you so much for being so generous with your time & talent.


    Gay Antrim
  19. I have a thought about the question as to why the postcard challenge didn’t take off as well as expected.

    First, A postcard is quite a bigger undertaking than the seam embellishments. No big revelation there. lol But you have your novices, like myself, and those with skills but not quite developed confidence in them, and the experts of the group who are involved in a million different projects and things = TIME constraints. The postcard involved alot of time or at least it seemed as though it would/did.

    You have to design it: We novices and those perfectionists out there would make that a life’s ambition. [Ask me how I know. I still owe a gal a 6″ block in trade during my first RR. Never could develop something ‘good enough’ for her. But I am improving and I do remember my IOU. lol] So perhaps if you’d made it a postcard a month, it might have flown better. And if you’d involved some design tips along the way or interactive sharing of design ideas, you may have gotten a bigger response?

    Then there’s the question of what do you do with it once its finished? I’m not sure its something you’d plob on a CQ block. And if you’ve made one, then you’re kinda committed to making a few more — a collection. I’ve learned that much in my short CQ stint. If you’ve made one then you have to have more [at least a zillion] to gather together and make something out of it — wallhanging, quilt, coffee table book.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    Colleen Rangel
  20. Phew, long, but interesting post Sharon. I definately think the ‘challenge’ should be an open one, do what you can, when you can. There are several things I didn’t join this year, because of the expectation (if only from myself) to complete. I haven’t stitched along with the details, but I have read every day, and been inspired by everyone who has stitched them.
    You are so right about the energy of an online community. The paisley thing was never a challenge ( I must reread that first post to make sure) but people took it and ran…and I do think that the links are a big part of that.
    I will look forward to whatever (non) challenge you start next year.
    As for a name…
    “Stitching Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves” or
    ” Wednesday’s Wandering Needles” .

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