100 details for 100 days Day 100

100 details for 100 days Day 100


Underwater embroidery sample day 100

With this post the sample for day 100 is the last in The 100 details over 100 Days for Crazy Quilters. Since this is the finish line today we have a detail that is a little different. It feels like an end of an era!

This is a small sampler I worked on hand dyed 36 count linen fabric. It is 6 inches wide and heavily encrusted with beads, metallic, linen, cotton, wool and silk threads of various weights are used throughout the piece.

Novelty threads were first couched into place. Next I then worked lines of feather stitch in a number of different threads. These stitches were worked in a free form haphazard way often layering the line to create the idea of seaweed or organic material.  I also worked beaded feather stitch and tucked alternating barred chain in between couched threads. (Please note all links for stitches used in the day 100 sample, follow the links to the tutorials about these stitches)

Textured stitches include caston stitch, Drizzle stitch, buttonhole wheel cups, buttonhole wheels, Oyster stitches, French knots and Bullion knots. All these stitches were packed very tightly to create an interesting texture.

Since this is the last post in the series, it is timely to remind everyone about the “Take a Stitch Tuesdays” challenge. Next year it will be a weekly event organised to encourage people to take a stitch and explore its possibilities. For more information about the challenge see the TAST FAQ is here

I hope you have found the series interesting and you like day 100! It has been most enjoyable for me watching what people have done, seeing how ideas grow and most of all seeing new hands become hooked on stitching for pleasure.

If you are just swinging by, or a search engine has landed you here, this is day 100 in a series of articles that aim to give you embellishment ideas that you can use in your crazy quilting. If you want to print out this series 100 details for 100 days they are listed under that category.

Have you enjoyed this series? If so you may be interested in  a tutorial I have written on how to work decorative crazy quilt seams. The tutorial is a comprehensive tutorial that I converted to a pdf file. When I converted it I realised how comprehensive it was. At 19 pages of information it is a resource worth investigating! No sign up or anything required its a free resource without strings.

holding my book in front of quiltHave you seen my book?

My book The Visual Guide to Crazy Quilting Design: Simple Stitches, Stunning Results  shares practical methods about how to design and make a crazy quilt. I teach how to balance colour, texture and pattern, in order direct the viewers eye. I show you how to build decorative seam treatments in interesting and creative ways using a handful of stitches. My book is profusely illustrated as my aim is to be both practical and inspiring.


  1. Hi Sharon,
    Your work has been a great inspiration for me. And its because of regular visits to your blog that I muster enough courage to write my own.
    I am in the process of learning from your stitch library and following your challenges.I am keen on working the 100details in 100days but I think at Stitchinfingers they have already closed the group. I commented but didnt get a response. Now I have decided to go on my own starting 01 Feb 2009 and doing a Mon-Wed-Fri post on this as everyday posting might not be possible for me. Do you think thats ok or do I have to join a group for this purpose?


  2. Sharon,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and the inspiration you have given to us all, especially to beginners like me. I came to your series late, but have gone back to the very beginning and will be trying out much of what you showed us. I would love to do your Take A Stitch Tuesdays – can’t wait!

  3. Thank you so much for all the detailed work you have placed into your blogs. I think your 100 days is better than any book in print. I am also glad to think that you will publish more work in progress as I think I can learn much from them.
    Thank you
    Dorothy Matheson

    Dorothy Matheson
  4. Thanks all for your comments about the series – it has been fun and I must admit I missing it already. Take a stitch Tuesdays will be on us in no time at all – but please keep dropping by until then as I will miss the buzz otherwise

  5. Dear Sharon,
    When started, 100 days seemed to be very long, but now I am missing those days. It must haven’t been easy for you to keep on. Many many thanks from my heart. I would keep stitching your details and uploading photos for a while more till finishing my project. I am still enjoying very much. Hideko

  6. Holy cow, I can’t believe you have finished! I am three quaters of the way through…and I should be finished before I go to EGA’s National Seminar. 😀 I am looking forward to the next adventure!

  7. Sharon, thank you so much for a wonderful 100 Days! I can’t tell you how much inspiration I’ve found in your projects and I’m already looking forward to your “Take A Stitch” project!

    Thank you so very much!


  8. What a good way Sharoon to highlight and teach from all that work. I t will be so much fun to keep going on the series, and i think i know a way to combine the two together…….lol…..at least that is my plan as i definitely want to follow along on the Take A Stitch Tuesdays!


  9. Thank you Sharon– You gave us a wonderful send off. I will enjoy exploring CQ in the interim so that I will be more familiar with the art by Jan. 2.
    BFN ~ Christina

  10. Sharon – Wow. The grand finale is stunning. I love the “underwater” look to it, the texture, and the composition of colors – especially the inclusion of the deep red. I would have never thought of the red! That (among a hundred other details!) is undoubtedly what kicks your work up so many notches from “typical.”

    Although I picked up interest in the 100 Days a little later than most, I’ve gone back through the whole series. It’s magnificent, and quite an accomplishment. I can’t wait until January for the Take a Stitch series. I’ll be there!

    Thanks heaps!

  11. Hi Sharon, thankyou for this wonderful series.

    As I have commented before, you have been such as source of inspiratation for me to try new things of which I was very nervous before.

    Have you considered getting it published along with your stitch dictionary?

  12. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you so much for starting (and completing) this series. The fact that you discovered a new stitcher starting at Day 1 just shows the legacy your 100 Details series leaves. I think it’s good timing with the holidays, etc. coming up, so I’d rather you go out with a bang than have us all get too busy to stitch along with you – and I think that’s what you’ve done! Thank you again.

  13. Sharon thank you for wonderful details. I just started recently, but found it very exciting. Sorry for the mysterious title of my blog, it is written “Crazy Quilt” in Japanese. I fixed the title a bit.

  14. Wow! What a finish, I came by late in the series but have been stimulated to look at my embroidery talent differently. I don’t stitch much, I quilt more but might combine the two now. Love all your stitching.

  15. Thank you so much for this wonderful ride. I learned alot and saw some really great work. Pls add me to your mail out list for the Tuesday Stitching. I will be checking your blog every day anyways.

    June R (grandma ziki)
  16. I don’t even do embroidery work or crazy quilts, but I am going to be sad to see this series end. Thank you so much for the time you’ve put into this. It has been fun to check in each day to see what you’ve created.

  17. A fond farewell to the 100 Details. Sharon, it has been so much fun!
    I decided the format for my Take A Stitch Tuesday is going to be an embroidered blue jean jacket….and I’ll be wearing it on your tour!

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