A dash of inspiration over my morning coffee.

A dash of inspiration over my morning coffee.

Well I have been browsing around and thought I would share with you a dash of my morning inspiration and track how the ideas developed.

I started off at Loretta Holzberger’s site Dimensional Embroidery which hosts her designs and a number of tutorials online. On Loretta Holzberger’s site there are instructions for Brazilian Embroidery which cover the key stitches including Loose cast on stitch which is a stitch I know but I have not seen directions published for it online before. So that being fresh content online made me explore the site further.
I discovered another article which covers the principals of needleace including wired needlelace. In the stumpwork section basics of wiring are covered.

These are all interesting articles but it was the final piece that triggered my interest most as it covered an Austrian craft called Klosterarbeit. In Malta similar work is done known as Ganutell. Loretta Holzberger calls the pieces created wire and floss flowers because that is what they are. These are 3 dimensional floral sprays made of fine wire wrapped with floss. Take a look and you will understand why seeing this made me pull up google to see what else was to be found online about this craft form.

I found out that Irina Astratenko has published details on this interesting woven or wrapped technique found in Maltese needlework.

Take a look at what I mean as I immediately thought of turning the petals upside down and attaching them to an ear wire to make an earring. I did a rough sketch in Adobe Illustrator to show you what I mean. The wires would have to be tucked into a bead at the top but I am sure it would work. It is just an idea. I am sure I am not going to ever get around to trying it but if someone else wants to try it I would love to hear about it.

If you are interested in this technique you may like to know more about the History of Ganutell and try some of the free patterns . With Christmas just around the corner I am sure these flowers can be adapted for Christmas decorations or as gift decorations. Maybe the earring could be adapted for Christmas decorations!

Well I think one thing has lead to another enough for morning. We have a get together of crazy quilters this weekend and I have to sort out what I am going to take to the show and tell…


  1. The earring idea does work – or at least something very similar to it. I saw a woman wearing some gorgeous earrings that look very similar to your sketch a couple months ago. Obviously they made an impression because I still remember. =)
    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and I really enjoyed looking through your 100 stitches project. After I decided to start a daily project blog, I searched the web for others, and yours is one of my favorites!


  2. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for discovering the information about Ganutell! I was given a pair of earrings in this technique and didn’t realize what it was or really how it was made. I’ve posted a picture on my blog if anyone is interested in seeing. It certainly is a technique I want to try!
    Thanks also for the 100 Details series. I have enjoyed every moment and now have a wonderful reference printed out for ‘ideas’. I’m also looking forward to Tuesdays after Christmas!

  3. Sharon,
    Thank you so much for posting this link on Maltese needlework…my goodness, I’m Maltese and I did not know they did this in my country.
    I have been here in Aust for 54 years, my mother never did any needlework.
    I knew about the lace, but not this type of needlework.
    Thank you..hugs

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