CQMag Online

CQMag Online

In between the hectic activity of the Cqers get together this weekend I have been meaning to announce that I have become a staff member of CQMag Online . So expect the odd article from me over there. If you are a crazy quilter and have not discovered this online mag check out the latest issue as it is written and edited by crazy quilters. Rissa’s comment made me realise that I had not mentioned it!

By the way, our get together so far has been lots of fun as we had a wonderful day yesterday I have a sore throat from talking and laughing so much. I have to dash now in order to be ready for a 9 AM pick up hope the voice holds out!

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  1. Sorry for stealing your thunder! It was not intentional. πŸ™‚ Get togethers are always so much fun…it makes the travel and cost of doing so seem inconsequential. I am really looking forward to EGA National Seminar in a few weeks…and I will gladly travel to Texas to meet you and do whatever I can to make a CQ event. LOL

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