On the hoop

On the hoop

Even though I am in the middle of a busy time I have managed to get a little more stitching done on my bag/pouch. I have done more on the silk ribbon embroidery area and have started to add beads.

I was beading it last night when I realised I had not photographed it. At the moment the silk ribbon embroidered area is half way through being beaded. It is not a natural stoping point but figured if I did not take a photograph I would forget and merrily keep stitching. So I snapped this before I went to bed last night. The metallic fabric is hard to photograph but it is purple with gold metal thread woven through it. Next the the silk ribbon the contrast produces a very lush bag.

In case you are wondering what these bags look like made up. This bag is the same pattern as the pouches on this page. Front and back are covered in embroidery and even under the flap. Embellishing the back as well as the front is probably not all that practical as the back does rub against the body but I figure a bag like his would not be used everyday so will not be put under a lot stress with wear. They make ideal small projects and gifts.

It is a simple pattern as it is worked in one long strip and simply folded into shape, lined stitched and then a cord is added. The width of the strip is 6 inches and the curve of the flap is the size of one of my bread and butter plates. I simply traced around it.


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